Gassie the Toot'n Pooch
Seen in "Battle of the Network's Stars"
"Gassie Passes"
Parody of Lassie the Wonder Dog
Starring Gassie
Sonny Munroe
Grady Mitchell
Tawni Hart
Zora Lancaster
Nico Harris

Gassie the Toot'n Pooch is a sketch featured in Sonny with a Chance at the start of episodes.


Gassie is a farting dog with gas problems. Gassie uses his gas to communicate and help people. In one sketch, Gassie saves Zora's character from drowning in a well. In another one, it has Gassie telling Arlo how to make beef stroganoff. At the end of every sketch installment, someone else will trump and someone will say "What are ya sayin' Gassie? You aren't makin' sense!" and then another person will say "That wasn't Gassie that was me!". Because of the sketch's popularity, it has been made into a major motion picture called "Gassie and We" with Gassie as the star.


  1. Mayor Comes To Visit
  2. Down the Well
  3. The Family Picnic

Also, a Gassie and We movie was being filmed in the episode Gassie Passes, but was never confirmed to ever be released.

Gassie the Toot'n Pooch Theme song

Some dogs beg
Some dogs bark
But this one saves the day
With farts!

It's time for another adventure of Gassie the Toot'n Pooch!



thumb|left|300px|Gassie: The Toot 'n' Pooch Sketch


  • This sketch has appeared three times in the series: Twice in season 1 and Once in season 2.
  • Gassie and the cast of So Random! also starred in movie called Gassie and We!
  • This sketch is a parody of Lassie The Wonderdog.

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