Flitter is a famous application website in the fictional universe of the show Sonny With a Chance. It is a parody of the popular micro-blogging website Twitter. Flitter is first seen in "That's So Sonny." Amber, Chad's fan club president, updates her fan club Flitter frequently, with it's updates drastically affecting how many followers Chad has on Flitter. At the end of "That's So Sonny", Chad has gained the majority of his fans back, getting above 900,000, close to 1,000,000, but Amber's face appears and scares Chad and Sonny out of the room. Flitter was first mentioned in the Hannah Montana episode, The Wheel Near My Bed (Keeps on Turnin')


  • Amber, Chad's "new and old" fan club president, tracks Chad's Flitter.
  • Amber also has great power on Flitter because whatever she Flitters about Chad affects if his followers go up or down.
  • Chad's Flitter account is close to 1 million fans currently.
  • Flitter is a parody of the social network site Twitter.
  • Twitter is more futuristic and techy in the fictional universe. (Sonny With a Chance).
  • People care whatever celebrities (Like Hannah Montana and Chad Dylan Cooper) Flitter about, even if its a second by second update of what they are doing .

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