Five Weddings and a Wedding
19 weddings
"Live to Love"
Format Movie

Five Weddings and a Wedding is about six women getting married at around the same time. Two of the women were mentioned to have the same wedding dress. The movie also includes a sing-along part involving a dance and bouquets. At the end, the women are all happy about their weddings and having been able to share this experience together. There is also a part in which a bouquet (as mentioned) is thrown out at the audience (this suggests that there were other 4D parts in the movie) in Sonny in the Middle, Grady catches the bouquet. Traditionally, this means that he will be next to get married so the rest of the audience (which mostly consists of females) shower him with popcorn.

This movie was mentioned in "Sonny in the Middle". In this episode, Sonny tries to torture Nico and Grady by taking them to movies meant for women to talk them into becoming friends again.



Sonny: Five Weddings and a Wedding,That makes a whole lot of weddings

Yeah! 5 Weddings...And A Wedding...That Makes A Whole Lot Of Weddings!

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