Ferguson Michaels
Gender Male
Profession Actor
Family & Friends
Friends Chad Dylan Cooper
Chastity Ann DeWitt
Marta Balatico
Skyler DeVane
Enemies Grady Mitchell
Nico Harris
Tawni Hart
Zora Lancaster
Sonny Munroe
Production Information
First appearance MacKenzie Falls Minisodes
Portrayed by De'Vaughn Nixon

Ferguson Michaels (De'Vaughn Nixon) is an actor on MacKenzie Falls who plays the character of Trevor, MacKenzie's best friend.

He got SPS from Tawni Hart's Extreme Skinny Jeans in "Walk a Mile in My Pants." In "The Legend of Candy Face," he was one of the MacKenzie Falls cast members who went camping with the cast of So Random!. He was Tawni's partner for the trust exercises, so that means he hates Tawni the most because, according to Ms. Bitterman, they have been paired to the person they hate the most. He is considered to be very similar to Tawni as in he is very big on style.


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