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Fasty's Really Fast Food
Fasty's really fast food
Seen in "West Coast Story"
Starring Grady Mitchell
Tawni Hart
Sonny Munroe
Nico Harris

Fasty's Really Fast Food was a sketch in "West Coast Story". While most fast food offer some kind of fast food, Fasty's Really Fast food offers really, really, really, fast food, causing all the food to be served really fast by being flung at or dumped on the customers. While most customers get annoyed and walk out, Melinda goes back a second time to confront the manager. She still ends up being hit with food in the end and storms out. Although it may appear unpopular customers are seen eating happily in the background



thumb|302px|rightKnown menu items.

  • Cheeseburger (thrown at Melinda)
  • French fries (dumped on Melinda )
  • Ketchup (squirted at Melinda right after the french fries)
  • Chicken bits (thrown twice at Melinda)
  • Salad...with dressing on the side (thrown at Britney)
  • Peanuts (thrown twice at Britney)
  • Soda (thrown at Britney)
  • Ice (thrown at Britney)

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