Fashionita is a superhero, whose movie was in production in the episode "Prank'd".


Fashionita is a "glamorous fashion designer by day; even more glamorous crime fighter by night". Fashionita is known for preforming her trademark "Fashionita" move. When she says "Fashionita", while she jerks up one of her fists and then punches it outward. Her other hand then goes to her hip and her head shakes in a jerking motion.

Catch Phrases

  • Stop in the name of style! Fashionita is here.
  • Sorry, but crime is out this season.
  • Fashionita!
  • I am Fashionita!
  • The only accessory you will be wearing are handcuffs.

Fashionita (The Movie)

It is rumored So Random! cast member Sonny Munroe, was set up an audition for the role of the title character by TV's Chad Dylan Cooper, but after an intentional disaster involving maple syrup and feathers, Sonny's lost the role. Sonny's cast mate Tawni Hart also intended to audition for the role, but never actually auditioned for the role. Tawni believed she did actually have an audition for the role (also set up by Chad), only later to find out her audition was part of Chad's new prank show (which was eventually revealed to be Zora's new prank show).


  • Fashionita is a favorite of both Sonny and Grady.
  • It is unknown whether or not Sonny or Tawni were cast for the role of "Fashionita."

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