Falling for the Falls
32 firstdatesecondchance
Sonny and Chad on their second first date.
Series Sonny With a Chance
Season 2
Episode number 31-32
Airdate Part 1: June 13, 2010
Part 2: June 20, 2010
Written by Michael Feldman
Steve Marmel
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton
Prod. code Part 1: 201
Part 2: 217
Guest starring Nancy McKeon
Ashley Jackson
# US viewers upon premiere Part 1: 3.6 Million

Part 2: 3.828 Million

Episode chronology
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"Grady With a Chance of Sonny" "Sonny With a Secret"
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"Falling for the Falls" is the tenth and eleventh episode in the second season and a two-part episode of Sonny With a Chance. Part 1 aired June 13th, 2010 and Part 2 aired June 20th, 2010. This is the episode where Sonny and Chad start dating, only to break up in "Sonny With A Choice".


Part 1

31 theresjustsomuchdrama

Sonny and Connie are addicted to Mackenzie Falls.

31 youvebeencheatingonuswiththefalls

The Randoms find out about Sonny's Falls obsession.

31 sonnywillyougooutwithme

Chad asked Sonny out.

31 thathurtsmesonny

Sonny hugs Chad after canceling their date.

Sonny enters her and her mother's apartment, bringing in stuff for her and Tawni's science project when she caught her mother, Connie, watching MacKenzie Falls. She tried to put a stop to her mother's watching, but became a fan of the show as well. Instead of finishing her science project, she ended up watching Mackenzie Falls instead. She became so engrossed in the drama that even during lunch, she was watching the show on her phone under the guise of reading a book. Sonny had an outburst about love in the cafeteria, (Sonny: It's called "love!!") and made up an excuse about dreaming to be a tennis judge because Nico and Grady were becoming suspicious of her. When they went to the dressing room later that day, Tawni revealed that even she was suspicious of Sonny's recent behavior, and Zora revealed for a fact that Sonny was betraying them. In order to avoid further scrutiny from her castmates, Sonny ended up watching Mackenzie Falls from her phone under the bleachers. The rest of So Random! found her there, and she was so into the show that she didn't notice them approach her until they confronted her about it. They said that the first step to solving the problem of her MacKenzie Falls habit was admitting that she had a problem, which she did. She said that she will get professional help, when she actually went over to Stage 2 to ask Chad about what happens next in MacKenzie Falls.

When Sonny went over to Stage 2, Chad was relieved to see her because he needed a freelance tennis judge for his annual charity tennis tournament, and he heard that she was a tennis judge due to her outburst at the cafeteria. Sonny told him that she wasn't really a tennis judge, so she can't help him cheat for a good cause. Sonny then proceeded to ask Chad about what happens next in MacKenzie Falls, but ends up saying it in such a way that she seems that she wants Chad to ask her out, which he did. The resulting conversation became awkward, until Sonny admitted to becoming a MacKenzie Falls fan and accepted Chad's invitation. Sonny went to the Prop House soon after that, and was relieved that her betrayal was behind them. In the spirit of full disclosure, she was about to tell them that she would be going on a date with Chad, but then Nico said that the only thing she could do that would be a bigger betrayal would be dating Chad. Sonny then laughed along with them, and instead said that she was having a dilemma over whether to put Pluto as a planet or not, and that she would go see a professional to help her with her dilemma. Sonny then rushed over to the set of MacKenzie Falls and told Chad that she has to cancel their date. Chad was worried that Sonny canceled on him because he refused to tell her what happens next in the storyline of Mackenzie Falls, but Sonny said she could care less about that at the moment. Chad said that he was hurt because Sonny said she doesn't care about the Falls. Sonny asked her if he was more upset about her calling off their date or the fact that she was over Mackenzie Falls, and Chad said that it was a tough question, making Sonny get mad at him, compare him to Mackenzie, and pour water all over him. She then ran away from the Falls trailed by security personnel, Nico, and Grady who both saw her coming out of the MacKenzie Falls set.

Sonny was able to escape because Grady didn't carry spare change when she decided to transfer bus, and was telling her mom about her day when the doorbell rang, revealing Chad who was carrying flowers, a MacKenzie Falls boxed set, and a photo of him holding flowers and a MacKenzie Falls boxed set. Chad came over to tell Sonny that it was definitely her canceling of their date that hurt more instead of her being over The Falls. Chad asked Sonny why she had to cancel, and she was about to explain when the rest of the So Random! cast barged right through Sonny's door. Zora and the others saw Chad's gifts for Sonny, and were suprised to see Chad actually there as well. Connie heard the ruckus and immediately came over, saying that the gifts Chad brought were for her and not for Sonny. Chad revealed that Sonny's mother is also his mother, and that he was Sonny's long lost brother. Grady then told them that Chad was lying, because that, was the plot line for the first three season finales of Mackenzie Falls. Sonny then questioned Grady on why he knew that, and he revealed that he used to secretly watch The Falls. Zora, Tawni, and Nico soon revealed that they've also been hooked at one point, and that they wanted to keep Sonny pure. The rest of the cast of So Random! turned to leave, when Nico asked what Chad is doing in Sonny's apartment in the first place. Sonny said that she was going to judge Chad's annual charity tennis tournament. When Sonny asked Chad when the tournament was, he said that he would tell her the details the following night, when they will have their first date.

There are 2 endings: On the live episode (T.V), Grady is watching the promo for the next Mackenzie Falls episode with Nico asking what he was doing. The other for the iTunes downloadable version is that Sonny is sitting on a tennis judge's chair, judging Chad's celebrity tennis tournament. Chad goes against Zac Efron, and Efron wins.

Part 2

32 finefinegoodgood

Sonny and Chad pretend to still hate each other.

32 coveroftweenweekly

Chad throwing up on Sonny ended up on the cover of Tween Weekly

32 tous

Sonny and Chad on their second first date in front of the billboard

The episode started with Chad accidentally saying Sonny instead of Chloe
Falling for the Falls, Pt.2-4

Chad shows Sonny the billboard outside

while filming MacKenzie Falls. At the So Random! sound stage, Sonny wasn't faring any better when she blurted out Chad instead of 'stat' in the middle of rehearsal. Later that day, when Sonny and Chad went to the cafeteria together with their respective cast mates, they tried to be discreet on talking about their upcoming date that night, which only ended up in raising everybody's suspicions. They managed to deceive everyone, however, by staging one of their usual fights in the middle of the cafeteria.

After lunch, Chad and Sonny went to their respective dressing rooms to get ready for their date. While Sonny was in the middle of a call from her mother, who was helping her pick her outfit for her date with Chad, the cast of So Random! went to her dressing room and asked her if she would go with them for pizza later that night. When they saw how Sonny was dressed and how many of her clothes were scattered around the dressing room, they accused her that she was going on a date, but she said that she only wanted to try on her dresses. She made up an excuse that she would not be able to go with them for pizza, not because she was going on a date, but because she would have to take care of her mom who has a sprained ankle. After the cast left her dressing room after getting their hands on the coupons that they came for, she went ahead and got ready for her date with Chad.

The cast of So Random! went to Sonny's house to hold their pizza night there, they saw Connie dancing to the polka while watching the latest episode of MacKenzie Falls. They found out that Sonny was lying about her mom's sprained ankle and was in fact with Chad, so they immediately rushed out of her house. Meanwhile, Chad finally finished getting dressed and picked up Sonny at her dressing room. Sonny and Chad were surprised to find the cast of So Random! inside the limousine that they were supposed to take for their date. When the So Random! cast accused them on going on a date together, they denied their suspicions once again, and Chad made an excuse about going to a dinner for his celebrity tennis tournament. They managed to bribe them into believing their lie by letting them take whatever they could in the limo.

During the date itself, Sonny and Chad were having their first date jitters. Chad got too nervous and forgot everything he knew about sushi, so he ended up drinking lots of water in order to avoid Sonny's questions. When Chad decided to tell Sonny how nervous he was, he accidentally threw up all the water he drank on Sonny. The next day, the throwing up incident got on the cover of Tween Weekly, making everyone know that Chad and Sonny did have a date the previous night. When Sonny demanded an explanation from Chad, he said how much he wanted the date to be perfect, and all the things he did to make it awesome. Sonny was getting touched with everything nice he said about her, but he ended up on ruining their moment when he said it was all Sonny's fault. He even went on to say that he still wanted to see Sonny, but he does not want to be seen with Sonny, making her storm out in anger.

Later that day, when Sonny was at home sulking, her mother tried to cheer her up by throwing out DVDs of MacKenzie Falls, and was about to throw away season three herself when Chad came in through the window. They let him in after they saw that he was slipping, and he was about to apologize to Sonny about what he said when he got distracted when he saw that she threw away season 3 of MacKenzie Falls. Sonny got mad at him and told him to leave the way he came in, and he said that he would do so, but through a different window, in order to show her the billboard that he had made. Chad went on to explain that he wanted her to know that he does not care about how idiotic Sonny makes him anymore, and asked Sonny on giving their first date a second chance. Touched, Sonny agreed with Chad, and they went on a date in front of the billboard,that read: Chad is a fool for Sonny. The cast of So Random! later arrived at Sonny's house, because she wanted her cast to know as well. They declared that they would never be able to accept Sonny and Chad's relationship, but Sonny and Chad did not mind them and went on with their date. The So Random! cast later went to the billboard and drew a mustache on Chad's picture, but Chad got back at them by making them pay for his and Sonny's date.

TONIGHT Catch Part 2 of Sonny with a Chance Falling for The Falls Part 2 and s00:46

TONIGHT Catch Part 2 of Sonny with a Chance Falling for The Falls Part 2 and s

The official episode preview.


Starring , part 1

Special Guest Star

Guest starring


Part 1

  • Falling For The Falls - Ending00:28

    Falling For The Falls - Ending

    Alternate Epilogue-Tennis Tournament

    Even though Sonny said that she was torn whether or not to include Pluto as a planet, she included it in her project with Tawni.
  • There are two versions of the epilogue: the epilogue in the TV broadcast and the epilogue in the episode that can be bought on iTunes Store. In the broadcast version, the epilogue was about Grady secretly watching The Falls in the Commissary. On iTunes, the ending is about Sonny judging Chad's celebrity tennis tournament and Chad losing to Zac Efron, only to be carried out by security because of refusing to shake his opponent's hand.
  • Every cast member on So Random! is or has been MacKenzie Falls addict.
  • In the cafeteria scene where Sonny covertly watches the Falls on her phone, she was using a geometry book to hide her phone from view. However, the inside text is about biology.
  • Grady also has been watching the Falls religiously saying that he's been "falls free" for only 6 episodes.
  • This is the first episode where Sonny and Chad are officially a couple.
  • This was the first episode filmed of season two.
  • Sonny's mom didn't really care so much for Sonny's show, So Random!, at first.
  • When Sonny asked Chad about MacKenzie and Chloe, Chad thinks that Sonny was talking about him and Sonny.
  • This is the last time Chad has a long haircut (in airing order) but actually, Sonny With a Song is the last time Chad has a long haircut (in production order).
  • In this episode, Sonny wonders if Pluto can be included as a planet. In real life, it is.
  • A goof for the first part of the episode is that when the Randoms snuck up on Sonny whilst watching Mackenzie Falls, she dropped her phone. But in reality it would have broken but she picked it up and it was fine.

Part 2

  • In Part1 of "Falling For The Falls" Chad has a long hair cut, then he has a short cut from Part 2.
  • The brown plaid shirt that Chad held up when he was picking clothes was the one he wore when he crashed into Sonny and James' date in "Sonny With a Chance of Dating".
  • One of the costumes Chad tried on was the one, which Tawni wore on the first episode first season
  • Instead of referring to the rest of the cast of So Random! as Randoms in his usual condescending manner of speaking, Chad actually referred to them as people when they were laughing at him for losing his cool on his date with Sonny.
  • If you look closely, in the second cafeteria scene, there is a poster on the wall advertising the show Pauly and Pals. This show features prominently in later episode "The Problem with Pauly".
  • Before Part 2 aired, a rumor circulated around the Internet that in Part 2, Chad and Sonny's relationship would be discovered, Condor Studios would end the feud, and "Chawni" would become the new "in" couple, spurring Sonny to go on a date with someone else. Obviously, this rumor proved false.
  • On the back of the issue of Tween Weekly that features Chad throwing up on Sonny there is an advertisement for friendship that reads: "FRIENDSHIP, Pass it on.".
  • Chad tried all costumes except for Sonny's and Zora's.
  • It was said that the tennis tournament is shown in this part. But, the scene is where the randoms draw a mustache on Chad's billboard of "Chad is a FOOL for Sonny."
  • When Chad comes to pick Sonny up he leaves the door open, but without touching the door when he wakes up Sonny the door is closed.
  • This episode is the beginning of Sonny and Chad's relationship until they split later in "Sonny With A Choice".
  • Selena Gomez was right when she said "You two are perfect for each other!" because Sonny and Chad could get married someday.

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