Gender Female
Profession Retired
Family & Friends
Friends Grace Gallagher


Production Information
First appearance Random Acts of Disrespect
Portrayed by Carol Locatell

Edith (Carol Locatell) is an elderly woman, who lives in the same retirement home as Grace Gallagher, in the episode "Random Acts of Disrespect".


Edith is a conceited woman who proclaimed herself "Queen of the Rec. Room" and she also makes Nico and Grady hang up a portrait of her. She often indecisive and depends on her best friend and roommate Grace to make decisions for her. She is hard to get along with at times and causes Grace much grief. Edith dresses trendier than everyone else and she takes pride in her appearance.She enjoys flirting with younger males (ex. Chad) and making them do her bidding. Edith is Tawni's counterpart in the episode.


Grace Gallagher

Grace is Edith's best friend and roommate. Their relationship is a mirror image of Sonny and Tawni's. They do often fight and bicker, but they are unable to separate from each other because they would miss each other too much.


  • Edith is part of "The Dos and Don'ts of Internet Dating" class and swimnastics.

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