Dumb Blond Frozen Dinners
Tawni preforming the "Dumb Blond Frozen Dinners" sketch.
Seen in "Hart to Hart"
Starring Tawni Hart

Dumb Blond Frozen Dinners is a So Random! sketch, featuring Tawni, in the episode "Hart to Hart".


A blond-haired woman wearing a bathrobe is trying to cook a frozen dinner that is so simple to cook "that even a dumb blond can make them." She instructs the audience on how to cook the meal (similar to a cooking show). She tells them to put it in the microwave, but she does not open the door of the microwave, preventing her from putting in the meal. She turns around confused on why she cannot put the meal in the microwave. She shrugs and smiles and continues to instruct the crowd to just eat the meal cold. It should also be noted with every mistake she makes and along with almost everything she says, she smiles and says "Tee hee!"


Tawni was forced into doing this sketch by her manager/mother, Tammi Hart. Sonny convinces Tawni that this sketch is horrible and demeaning to both blonds and girls of which Tawni is both. Tawni eventually stands up to her manager and tells her she won't do the sketch. It is unknown whether or not this sketch was actually preformed on So Random!.


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