23 dinka
Gender Male
Hometown Glendovia
Profession Cashier
Family & Friends
Friends Marshall Pike
Sonny Munroe
Cashier Girl
Production Information
First appearance Sonny Get Your Goat
Portrayed by Sam Lerner

Dinka (Sam Lerner) is a Glendovian exchange student. He is only 14 years old and wishes to have a beard as thick as his sister's and as great as his father's. He appeared in "Sonny Get Your Goat", in which he filled in for Tawni while she was in Glendovia. While Tawni was under the impression that she was in a comedy exchange program, Dinka, a dedicated cashier, thought he was in a cashier exchange program.

He is extremly proud of his job, and takes great offence when Grady calls a cash register boring.


  • Interestingly, Nico and Grady would have been the first "Check It Out Guys". In "Sonny Get Your Goat", Dinka would have been the third one not the first.

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