Colbie Caillat
Series Sonny With a Chance
Season 1
Episode number 9
Airdate August 14, 2011
Written by Maiya Williams
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton
Prod. code 309
Guest starring Colbie Caillat
Episode chronology
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"Mindless Behavior" "Far East Movement"
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Colbie Caillat is the ninth episode of So Random!. It premiered August 14, 2011. Colbie Caillat performed "Brighter Than the Sun."


iPatch: Captain Hook (Damien) and his crew (Zora, Grady, Chad, Tawni, and Nico) are introduced to a new device, the iPatch

Angus comes to Dinner: Angus (Matthew) comes to Gila (Tawni)'s house for dinner.

The Coolest Kid in School (Part 4): More accomplishments from The Coolest Kid in School (Grady)

Cheerleader Tryouts (Part 1): An annoyed Coach (Tawni) has to deal with odds kids trying out for the Cheerleading Squad, including a guy named Billy (Matthew).

The Coolest Kid in School (Part 5): And more accomplishments from the coolest kid in school (Grady)

Cheerleader Tryouts (Part 2): Zombie Man tries out for the Cheer Squad, and reveals that he ate the Coach (Tawni)'s finger, and a girl named Stacy.

The Coolest Kid in School (Part 6): Again with the accomplishments

Cheerleader Tryouts (Part 3): Julia Peters (Audrey) tries out for the Cheer Squad, only to be scared off by Zombie Man (Damien).

Colbie Calliat performs "Brighter Than the Sun"


Special Guest Star

  • Colbie Caillat as herself

Guest Stars

  • Shayne Topp as Shayne Zabo
  • Damien Haas as Damien Johanssen
  • Matthew Scott Montgomery as Matthew Bailey
  • Audrey Whitby as Audrey Vale
  • Bridget Shergalis as Bridget Cook


  • The iPatch is a parody of the iPad
    • Also, it was mentioned that the iPatch doesn't work with hooks for hands, possibly a reference to how the iPad doesn't work with styluses or gloved fingers
    • Angry Parrots is a parody of Angry Birds.
    • Angry Parrots is mention again in Nickelodeon's tv show How to Rock.

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This episode is being re-evaluated due to "joking about eating disorders" along with the Shake It Up! episode Party It Up

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