Coco Jones
Series So Random!
Season 1
Episode number 6
Airdate July 17, 2011
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
Guest starring Coco Jones
Episode chronology
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"Tony Hawk" "Jacob Latimore"
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"Coco Jones" is the sixth episode of So Random!. It premiered July 17, 2011.


Bracey Girrlz - The Bracey Girrlz (Zora and Grace) rap about braces for a girl named Emily (Audrey)

Sally Jensen: Kid Lawyer - Sally Jensen cracks down on yearbook frauds and false messages at the end of yearbooks.

Nolan - A hand named Nolan helps a boy named Darryl get a date. (appears 3 times in this episode)

Angus: Supermodel from Down Under - A girl (Tawni) is obsessed with her supermodel boyfriend (Matthew) even though he is unattractive.

The Back Up Singers - Janice (Zora) brings back up singers (Coco and Tawni) to schoool and they end up getting her a date with her crush, Earl.

Coco Jones performs Stand Up


Guest Starring

  • Matthew Scott Montgomery as Matthew Bailey
  • Shayne Topp as Shayne Zabo
  • Grace Bannon as Grace Wetzel
  • Audrey Whitby as Audrey Vale
  • Coco Jones as Coco Dillen


  • 1st episode to feature Coco Jones
  • Audrey Vale returns in this episode
  • Mindless Behavior was originally supoosed to be the musical guest, but Coco Jones took their place. Mindless Behavior would later appear in episode 8

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