Cindy having a private interview about her thoughts on the situation.
Gender Female
Profession New Jersey Princess
Family & Friends
Significant other Prince Carmine (Ex-Boyfriend)
Frenemies Snowy
Prince Carmine
Production Information
First appearance "High School Miserable"
"A So Random! Holiday Special"
Portrayed by Tawni Hart

Cindy is the parody of Cinderella and is the 3rd princess of New Jersey. She mostly depends on Tony-Two Face.


Cindy is a bratty, naughty, and agressive princess. She is the meanest princess of New Jersey. Surprisingly, Cindy is easy to be tricked; even though she is naughty and mean. She hates Snowy more than Beauty. She has an ex-boyfriend who is Prince Carmine (Chad) where he is Prince Charming. But, they break up.

High School Miserable Appearance

Cindy asks Tony Two-Face where Snowy and Beauty are. She gets mad at them for not inviting her to their manicure. Meanwhile, Snowy says that she didn't get the invitation. But, she is actually not invited. She starts a fight for saying "Your mother's a witch!" to Snowy. They were about to fight big. But, thanks to Beauty, she stops it by saying "all of our mothers are witches. Then, her appearance ends when Snowy tricks her to having the apple which is poisoned!


Cindy and Snowy

A So Random! Holiday Special Appearance

She exchanges gifts with Snowy and Beauty. But, she is not seen yet because in picture/s, it is only Snowy and Beauty. She finds out that her ex-boyfriend, Prince Carmine is dating Snowy.



She has a frenemie but mostly enemy relationship with Snowy. She got tricked by her. But, she exchanges gifts with Snowy in Christmas.


She also has a frenemie relationship with Beauty. She is mostly friends with her because she is seen to not be fighting with Beauty. In Christmas, she also exchanges gifts with her.

Prince Carmine

She is the ex-boyfriend. She finds out that Prince Carmine is actually dating Snowy.

Tony Two-Face

She asked where Snowy and Beauty are in High School Miserable. Even though that is the only time they are together, they are still seen to not be fighting and are always close.



  • In High School Miserable, Cindy found Snowy and Beauty at the salon and says "Well, look at at the second and third fairest of them all", when Snow White is actually the fairest and Snowy is parody of Snow White. Also, when Cindy ate the apple, she was poisioned. But that's what happened to Snow White.

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