Christina Grimmie is the nineteenth episode of So Random!. It premiered December 11, 2011. Christina Grimmie performs "Advice".

Christina Grimmie
Series Sonny With a Chance
Season 1
Episode number 19
Airdate December 11, 2011
Guest starring Christina Grimmie
Episode chronology
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"Justin Bieber" "Andy Grammer"
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Sally Jenson: Kid Lawyer: Birthday Parties- Sally Jenson sues people for throwing bad birthday parties.

The Anime Brothers in Gym Class- Scott and Elliot come to gym class after watching Naurto and Dragonball Z to play dodgeball and attempt to impress the coach.

Teachers Don't Try To Be Cool II- Mr. Goodman, the teacher who doesn't play by the rules, returns and calls his students nicknames when calling roll, only to find out his students thinks he a dork.

Miss Lamcor Rocks!- At Betsy's birthday party, her boyfriend Clark sings a song and bakes a cake telling Betsy that Clark wants to date the english teacher, Miss Lamcor.

Fighting in the Elevator- A guy in an elevator heading to a job interview ends up in the middle of a fight.


Special Guest Star

  • Christina Grimmie as herself

Guest Stars

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