Children Having a Dream Foundation
10 chadfoundation
Dakota spelling out the acronym of her fictional foundation.

Created by

Dakota Condor



Children Having a Dream Foundation is a fictional foundation created by Dakota Condor in the episode "Sonny and the Studio Brat".

Foundation Goals

The Fake Goal

The goals of this foundation is to provide under-privileged children with a chance to live out their dream.

The Real Goal

In the case of Sonny Munroe, she happily took on the prospect of allowing a child, Dakota Condor, to spend a fun filled day at So Random!. Though it became apparent that this foundation was merely a ploy for Dakota to meet the love of her life, Chad Dylan Cooper. The foundation name "Children Having a Dream", when shortened, is an acronym of his name (C.H.A.D.). She created it with the expectation that she would be able to sneak over to MacKenzie Falls, meet him and live happily ever after.

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