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Chawni is the pairing of Chad Dylan Cooper and Tawni Hart (Cha/d + T/awni) from Sonny With a Chance. The two have known each other since they were children. They starred in a show called The Goody Gang when they were younger. However when they grew up there was a rivaly between their two shows (So Random! and MacKenzie Falls). When Disney Channel showed promos for Sonny With a Chance, it looked llike Tawni and Chad had a love/hate relationship but it was Sonny and Chad with the love/hate relationship. Originally, Disney wanted Chad and Tawni to have a relationship, but it was Sonny and Chad who got the relationship.

You've Got Fan Mail

elationship on the show. In "Chad Without a Chance", Tawni paid Chad to do her breakups. In "My Two Chads" Tawni convinced Sonny Chad was cheating on her.

Chawni Moments

These moments illuminate the relationship between Chad Dylan Cooper and Tawni Hart.

Season 1

West Coast Story

  • Tawni wanted to know what happend between Sonny and Chad

Sonny at the Falls

  • Tawni is jealous of Sonny at the falls

You've Got Fan Mail

  • Tawni hid Sonny's fanmail to make it look like no one cared about her.
  • Tawni tried to embarress Sonny infront of everyone including Chad
  • Tawni was angry when she found out Chad dressed up as Eric

    Tawni willingly at Chads party

Fast Friends

  • Tawni warned Sonny what to say or she'll look bad

Three's Not Company

  • Tawni didnt care about not taking Sonny to Chad's party
  • Tawni stole Sonny's best friend away from her and they went to Chad's Birthday Party
  • Sonnystills
    At the end Tawni was the only one eating cake off of Chad's face,while Sonny and Lucy were eating from the cake
  • Chad only invited Tawni and Sonny to his pa


Sonny With a Chance of Dating

  • Tawni knew Chad was jealous of James and Sonny going on a date
  • Tawni could see it in Chad's eyes,that means she also knows him well

[[Sonny and the Studio Brat|
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Tawni AND Chad both ruined James and Sonny's date

  • Chad, Tawni and Sonny came up with a plan to get back at James

Sonny and the Studio Brat

  • In the beggining Chad sat next to Tawni.

Promises, Prom-misses

  • Tawni wanted to be Prom Queen
  • At the end when they were all dancing Chad and Tawni were dancing net to eachother
  • Tawni is jealous of how cute Sonny looked
  • After Sonny messes her dress up Tawni gives her an ugly mermaid one

The Heartbreak Kid

  • Tawni spies on Chad and Sonny's "date" at Lookout Mountain
  • When Chad drives with Nico, Grady, and Tawni they leave Sonny with Marshall and Joy Bittterman
  • Prank'dchawni

    Tawni and Chad in Prank'd

    Chad and Tawni know people, and so does Sonny

Battle of the Network's Stars

  • Tawni was happy she got to be in Chad's Movie
  • Tawni thought that Chad's movie would make her a movie star


  • Chad set Tawni up an audition(even though it was fake).
  • Tawni did a Fashionita immpression in front of Chad
  • Chad always stands near Sonny or Tawni when he enters a room with her in it.

Tales From the Prop House

  • W
    hen Chad was giving Sonny her gift, you could see Tawni using "Bluegh" noises,meaning she could be jealous.
  • Chad gave Tawni a gift.

Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner

  • Chad and Tawni were both really upset and jealous when they found out tha t Sonny kissed Hayden and that they saw the kiss on the cover of Tween Weekly.
  • Tawni's relationship wit h Hayden didnt last.
  • Tawni mad

    Chad and Tawni in the Prop House!

    e Sonny drop her phone,it accidentllay called Chad
  • Chad comes bursting into "Tawni's" apartment

Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star

  • Tawni admitted she had a crush on Chad when she was younger
  • When they were younger they kissed
  • They both starred on "The Goody Gang"
  • Tawni had ow problem kissing Chad again

Cookie Monsters

  • Tawni can't look in the mirror

Sonny So Far

  • Tawni turned the T.V off when Sonny and Chad were admitting there feelings for each other
  • Tawni looked shocked when she saw Chad and Sonny in "West Coast Story"
  • Tawni knew what type of look Sonny had when she thought of her and Chad dancing at the prom

Season 2

Walk a Mile in My Pants

  • Tawni sold Chad her Skinny Jeans even though he's her rival
  • Chad said the Randoms look hot so that obiviously doesnt mean Nico and Grady
  • Chad was jealous of how 'hot' they look so he bought a pair

Gassie Passes

  • When the crowd is singing Tawni is dancing near Chad (This is the 3rd time this series).
  • Tawni kept purposely saying Gassie and We showing she can be arogant just like Chad

The Legend of Candy Face

  • Tawni was choking Sonny
  • When Tawni askes "Does hitting Sonny with a log count?" Chad quickly said, "If we pick it out together does it count as bonding?"
  • Tawni threatns Sonny alot in this episode.

Random Acts of Disrespect

  • Tawni and the randoms were laughing at Chad's curls

Falling for the Falls

  • Tawni and the rest of the cast were mad at Sonny for going on a date with Chad
  • The Randoms came bursting to Sonny's house to ask her about the falls.
  • The Randoms are curious at why Chad was at her apartment in the 1st place
  • The Rrandoms draw on Chad's "Chad is a fool for Sonny" poster
  • When Sonny mistakenly said Chad, Tawni was the first person to correct her

Sonny With a Secret

  • Swacbest03
    When Sonny and Chad were hugging Tawni said "Eww"

That's So Sonny

  • Tawni still tried to make plans with Amber even though she's a wakadoodledoo
  • Tawni said Amber was the best facialist ever even though she tried to break Channy up

Chad Without a Chance

  • When Chad had to choose between each random he chose Tawni (even though she payed him)
  • Tawni helped Chad up when he fell
  • Chad did Tawni's break-ups for her he also stated that it was fun
  • Tawni 'broke up' with Chad at the end

My Two Chads

  • On their one week-a-versarry, Sonny says "and they thought we'd never last" implying that the Randoms thought they wouldn't even last a week together.
  • When Sonny refused to get back together with Chad you can see Tawni in the background smiling and laughing

Sonny With a 100 Percent Chance of Meddling

  • Tawni and Chad both use the term "Sonny It Up"
  • They both think Sonny's gonna ruin Zora's chances with Wesley

Dakota's Revenge

  • Tawni ask Sonny Where's Your boyfriend?
  • At the end Tawni is one of the people singing Chad Chad Chaddy Chad Chad

Sonny With a Kiss

  • Tawni wants to know when Channy's gonna kiss
  • Twani has the script for Mackenzie Falls
  • Tawni hoped that it would bug Sonny that Chad is kissing another actress

A So Random! Holiday Special

  • Tawni's sketch character (Cindy) dated Chad's character (Prine Carmine)

Official Chawni Stuff

Official Chawni Color: Blonde since they're both blonde

Official Chawni Number: 6 They were 6 years old when they starred on The Goody Gang

Official Chawni Song: The song from The Goody Gang

Official Chawni Personality: Selfish, since they are self-centered some of the time.

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