Memorable Channy quotes in Sonny With A Chance seasons 1 & 2.

West Coast Story

Chad: Miss, when you're done with that order, I'm gonna need an extra large chocolate.

Sonny: Ooh, I don't work here. (gasps) Oh my gosh, I know you. You're... you're...

Chad: Him. (points to Mackenzie Falls poster) Chad Dylan Cooper.

Sonny: You're MacKenzie on Mackenzie Falls!

Chad: And apparently you're Madge!

Sonny: Yes! I mean, no! Madge is my waitress character, and all of this (carries fat suit) belongs to Madge too. Hi, I'm Sonny.

Chad: Sonny, that's a nice name! (scribbling)

Sonny: Thank you. At first I didn't like it but now I think it kinda suits me. I mean I had this one friend and her name was...

Chad: Here you go.

Sonny: (reading) "Sonny. Thanks for the yogurt. Chad Dylan Cooper." Hey I didn't give you any... Chad Dylan Cooper just stole my yogurt! Oh my gosh! Chad Dylan Cooper just stole my yogurt! (squeals)

Chad: Look, Portlyn. Summer's almost over. And once fall comes back to the Falls, I need to be free... Ssh. Time for talking's over.

Sonny: What's the matter with you?

Chad: What's the matter with me, what's the matter with-- Those words didn't come out of your mouth.

Director: Cut!

Chad: We're sort of in the middle of a shoot here?

Sonny: And now you're sort of taking a break. Portlyn, you've got great legs, let's see how they move.

Chad: What is your problem?

Sonny: What's my problem? My problem is everything that my friends, and Tawni, told me about you guys was true. You MacKenzie Falls people are jerks. And you, you're like the head jerk, you're like the Mayor of Jerksville, the Head Ambassador of Jerkoslovakia--

Chad: You saw the egg salad video, didn't you? Yeah, I also direct.

Sonny: We were trying to make peace.

Chad: Please, you were trying to trap us.

Sonny: Trap you? You've obviously been watching your show too much. You know, not everything is cutthroat and gossipy. Sometimes people do things because they're trying to be nice.

Chad: Do they, Sonny? Do they really? Look, it was sweet of you to put that picnic together, way sweet. But the bad blood between our two shows has run too deep for too long to be healed by a bowl of egg salad, even with the best of intentions. Just because you wish for something, doesn't make it so.

Sonny: Oh Chad Dylan...

Chad: Ssh. Time for talking's over. I must go. So run, run back to your show, and put your sweet little dreams of peace to bed.

Sonny: (looking at Chad who's walking away, suddenly realizing) What just happened?

Chad: Musical chairs? You're challenging us to musical chairs?

Sonny: You heard me.

Chad: That's a game for children between the ages of four and seven.

Sonny: Which makes it suitable for you.

Chad: Yeah, look. I don't know how much free time you have over there at "Chuckle City," but over here at MacKenzie Falls, we have some serious acting to do.

Sonny: Oh my gosh. You are a drama snob. And you do think you're better than us.

Chad: Not better, just different. In a better way. We act.

Sonny: Okay, I see what's going on here--you're afraid we might be better than you at something.

Chad: Not afraid of anything.

Sonny: Except musical chairs.

Chad: Especially musical chairs.

Sonny: Fine, then here are the terms: we win, we get our parking space back, we get your table, and you have to buy us a new toilet paper roller.

Chad: No, we're not doing that.

Sonny: (bawks) Then I guess you're afraid.(bawks)

Chad: Okay, cut it out, stop it. You're acting like a fool.

Sonny: Actually, I'm acting like a chicken. I'm not afraid to act like a fool. (bawks)

Chad: Cut it out, cut it out!

(Sonny bawks)

Chad: Stop, stop, there are people starting to stare.

(Sonny bawks)

Chad: Will you just quit your bawking?! Fine, we'll do it, okay, and when we win, you have to go on your show and say that MacKenzie Falls is better than So Random!.

Sonny: Fine, but when we win, you have to say something nice about So Random!.

Chad: No, no. No, no, no, no, We're not doing that. You already told me your terms, you don't get to keep adding stuff.

(Sonny bawks)

Chad: No, no, these are my terms, you don't get to use my terms.

(Sonny bawks)

Chad: Alright! Fine! I challenge you to musical chairs!

Sonny: Fine, see you at noon!

Chad: Yes you will! ...You smell like ham.

Sonny: I've seen your acting... That makes two of us.

Chad: Looks like it's just you, me, and one more thing you're not gonna get.

Sonny: You know, you're acting pretty confident for someone who's gonna lose.

Chad: Hahaha, at least I can act.

Sonny: Can you Chad? Can you really?

Sonny: Oww! It's my ankle, it really hurts, I think something snapped.

Chad: Aww, man. That looks really serious. We better get you to a doctor... just take my hand...

Sonny: (yanks him away from the chair and steals it) Peace out suckers!

Chad: You tricked me!

Sonny: Nope, I was acting.

Chad: Not bad. Perhaps there's a spot for you on MacKenzie Falls. After Portlyn disappears in a mysterious ballooning accident.

(Portlyn cries)

Sonny: Thanks, but my home is right here in "Chuckle City", on a show called So Random!. So I don't think I'll be going anywhere, Chad Dylan Cooper.

Sonny at the Falls

Sonny: Speaking of shiny coats... Chad.

Chad: Sonny. Cloudy. Rainy.

Nico: We have names.

Grady: Yeah.

Chad: Yeah, but remembering them would take effort... and interest... excuse me.

Sonny: You can't just cut in front of us like that!

Chad: They also said I couldn't be this handsome, and yet, here I am!

Chad: So... Pooperang, really?

Sonny: Yeah. really.

Chad: I thought it was funny. Almost choked on my bananas foster.

Sonny: I'm glad somebody laughed. Wait, we have bananas foster?

Brenda: They do, you don't.

Chad: You know Sonny, it didn't seem like your friends were very supportive. It's almost like they were dissing you.

Sonny: No, them mocking me and making fun of my idea was just their way of... mocking me and making fun of my idea.

Chad: Everything's done differently over at So Random!. I mean at the Falls, when one of us cries, we all cry. It's assumed that when one of you laughs, you all laugh.

Sonny: Yeah, I-I mean I guess they could have been a little more supportive, but--

Chad: Sounds like somebody needs a shoulder to laugh on.

Sonny: Are you offering me your shoulder?

Chad: I'm offering you all... (gestures toward the MacKenzie Falls cast) of our shoulders.

Sonny: They are nice shoulders.

Chad: I know we have that stupid rivalry between our two shows, but it doesn't have to be that way, right?

Sonny: I guess...

Chad: So what are you doing right now? Why don't you take a break from So Random!. Come hang out at the Falls. MacKenzie Falls. Quaint little town nestled at the corner of life... and dreams.

Sonny: So... Stage 2?

Chad: Yeah, Stage 2.

Sonny: Cool.

You've Got Fan Mail

Sonny: (taking out the Eric costume, sees Chad coming in the backstage and puts the Eric costume back in the box)

Chad: (smiling) I knew I recognized you. You're Weird Beard. Why are you Weird Beard?

Sonny: Why do you care?

Chad: I don't know. Let's give it a shot.

Sonny: Well. I sent myself a fan letter, pretending to be my own fan, and now I get to go and stage and meet the fan I'm pretending to be.

Chad: ...Why would you write yourself a fan letter?

Sonny: (sighs) Because I lost faith in myself.

Chad: Huh... Classic case of actor insecurity... You start doubting your abilities, wondering whether you're good enough, whether you deserve to be on TV...

Sonny: (a bit relieved) So you've been through this?

Chad: (laughing) No, no. No, but I made you think I had, which is why I'll never go through it!

Sonny: (sighs angrily) You're unbelievable. I knew it. You don't care. You know, I thought we were having a real moment here.

Voice off stage: And please welcome back to the stage the cast of So Random!

Sonny: Well, that's my cue...

Chad: So what are you gonna do?

Sonny: You don't care, remember? But... I do. Now excuse me while I go out there and embarass myself. (Sonny leaves and goes on stage)

(on stage)

Marshall: Well that's our show everybody, but before we say goodnight, we want to introduce you to a very special guest! The guy who wrote Sonny her very first fan letter! Let's give it up for Eric...! (turns to Tawni) What's his name again?

Tawni: Doesn'texistoits!

Marshall: Let's give it up for Eric!

(crowd cheers, no one comes out)

Tawni: Eric! Come out, come out wherever you're not!

Sonny: (nervous) Alright... Let's just get this over with... Marshall, I have to say something... (gets microphone) Eric is...

Chad: (dressed up as Eric) ...your biggest fan! 

Tawni: (surprised) That is impossible! Eric is not real!

Chad: But I'm standing right here! (gets microphone) Let's give it up for Sonny!

Sonny: (to Chad, smiling) Why are you helping me?

Chad: I'm not helping you. I just... wanted to try on the beard. (clears throat)

Sonny: (mockingly) Sounds like somebody cares.

Chad: (unconvincingly) Somebody... wanted to try on a weird beard.

Sonny: Cares.

Chad: Beards.

Sonny: Cares.

Chad: Beards.

Sonny: Cares.

Chad: Beards.

Sonny: Beards.

Chad: Cares.

Sonny: Gotcha!

Fast Friends

Chad: (pretending to be nice) Hey, Sonny! Happy meatball monday! Just brought you some extra napkins.

Sonny: (suspicious) Oh. Thanks, Chad, that was... oddly thoughtful of you!

Chad: Well, it never hurts to be nice. (turns to Santiago) Santiago! My man! Didn't see you there! I am so sorry... Are you guys in the middle of an interview?

Sonny: (sarcastic) What was your first clue, the interviewer or the camera?

Chad: (takes a chair and sits)

Sonny: (sarcastic again) Why don't you join us?

Chad: Don't mind if I do! (smiling at the camera)

Santiago: Hold up, so... Nice girl from Wisconsin is tight with the Hollywood bad boy?

Sonny: Nah, I wouldn't say we were...

Chad: (interrupts Sonny) Nah, we're very good friends, yeah! (puts arm around Sonny, still looking at the camera)

Sonny: Actually, we can't stand each other!

Chad: (laughing) This is the kinda fun we get to have everyday!

Sonny: Which apparently is starting today!

Chad: Isn't she adorable? That's why Sonny is my favorite member of So Random!

Sonny: (pleasantly surprised) Really?

Chad: Yes, really! Santiago, you are lucky to be getting this interview! This girl's going places! Ooh... (looks at watch) Speaking of, I gotta go. (stands up)

Santiago: Lemme guess... You've got some dogs to shove?

Chad: Yes! Shoving the dogs towards... bowls of food that I lovingly laid out for them. You know why? I love puppies.

Sonny: Wow! Compliments, kindness... I'm really impressed, Chad!

Chad: Oh, it's not about me, Sonny... it's about the dogs. It's just something that I like to do that says Chad cares! Catch ya later! (winks and leaves)


Sonny: (to girl sitting next to Chad) Can I have that seat?

Chad: Wow. You are working the Diva thing.

Sonny: I'm not a diva, Chad.

Chad: I know that.

Sonny: Well then tell Santiago! I want people to know me for who I am!

Chad: And I want people to know me for who I'm not! I like you. And I'm sorry the rest of the world doesn't know the real you.

Sonny: It's your fault!

Chad: Is it, Sonny? Is it really?

Sonny: Yes! It is! Really!

Chad: Yeah, I gotta go. Uh, I told Santiago I was gonna be building dog houses for homeless dogs in the morning.

Sonny: (skeptically) You build dog houses?

Chad: (laughs) No, no. But I know how to make myself look good in the camera. (winks and leaves)


Sonny: (turns off camera after tricking Chad)

Chad: Well played, Munroe.

Sonny: Props accepted.

Chad: We should hang out sometime.

Sonny: Camera's off, Chad...

Chad: I know.

Sonny: (smiles, pleased and nervous, and leaves)

Sonny With a Chance of Dating

Chad: Sonny.

Sonny: Chad.

Chad: Anyways, we're shooting our scene, we should probably go.

Sonny: Oh, you're on MacKenzie Falls this week? Let me guess, stuck-up MacKenzie being chased by bad boy bank robber?

Chad: Let me guess, Life of the Boston Tea Party?

Sonny: Well. At least my show brings joy to our viewers.

Chad: Haha, least my show has viewers.

James: Wow, what's going on here?

Chad: Nothing.

Sonny: It's beyond nothing.

Chad: It's certainly nothing to be late over. Our scenes are first after lunch. Sonny.

Sonny: Chad.

James: You know for something you said that was nothing, that sure seemed like something.

Sonny: Oh well, uhm, it's a day-to-day something, sometimes hour-by-hour, I don't know. It's complicated. He's complicated.

Sonny: Quick, hold my hand.

Chad: Don't tell me what to do.

Sonny: We're on a fake date, we have to make it look believable.

Chad: Well if you wanna hold hands, you have to switch sides.

Sonny: Why?

Chad: 'Cause this is my holding hand?

Sonny: Fine. But just so you know, this is our first and last fake date.

Chad: Good!

Sonny: Good! Now smile like you're having the time of your life.

Sonny: They're looking this way, put your arm around me.

Chad: I would But you sat on the wrong side. This arm says "let's cuddle" and this arm says "good game bro!"

Sonny: Well I'm saying, just put one of them around me.

Chad: Oh you should probably put your head on my shoulder.

Sonny: Oh ok. This is nice. In theory.

Chad: Oh yeah, we make a good couple. Hypothetically.

Sonny: He's looking this way. In reality.

Sonny: Ha! I got a text! From... you?

Chad: Wha--That jerk still has my phone?!

Sonny: (excited) And he already wants me back!

Chad: (sad) Already...

Sonny: (happily) I know! How good are we!

Chad: (looks away, disappointed)

Sonny: Would I do this if I were on a fake date? (covers Chad's mouth with hand and fake-kisses him)

Chad: That was some kiss.

Sonny: What do you mean? That kiss was fake.

Chad: Was not!

Sonny: Chad, I put my hand over your mouth!

Chad: Well that explains why your lips tasted like ski ball and air hockey...

Sonny: (Sighs) Do you actually think I would really kiss you?

Chad: That's what I'm gonna put on my blog!

Promises, Prom-misses

Sonny: (looking at her phone) Oh, I can't believe I missed it! (bumps into Chad)

Chad: Watch it!

Sonny: Sorry! ...Chad? (sees his black eye) Oh my gosh, what happened?!

Chad: Ah, just got in a huge fight over at the Falls...

Sonny: (nods, mockingly) They don't like you either?

Chad: (not amused) Funny. No, we were shooting a scene. You know, it's hard to believe I can look this good when I look this bad, huh? (Sonny doesn't reply and looks at her phone) Normally that would have charmed you, what's up with you?

Sonny: Nothing, I'm just a little bombed... I missed my prom back home and I just got some pictures from my best friend, so...

Chad: You're not missing much. I've been to a bunch of proms and they've ALL ended in disasters.

Sonny: Oh, I'm... so sorry to hear that!

Chad: Ah, episode 10, my hair caught on fire, last season's finale, my date turned out to be my long lost sister...

Sonny: What? Uh, Chad, those were fake proms!

Chad: Fake proms, real proms, they all stink! (starts to walk off)

Sonny: No they don't! They're romantic! You know, a girl dreams her whole life about going to prom and having that... perfect dance with a very special guy.

Chad: ... Then he gets hit by a faulty disco ball. Episode 16!

Sonny: You know what, Chad? You wouldn't know a real romance if it punched you in the face. In fact, you wouldn't know a real punch in the face if it punched you in the face. Here's something real about you.

Chad: Well, here's something real for ya: I really don't wanna stand here and talk to you.

Sonny: Good! Because I really don't wanna stand here and talk to you!

Chad: Good!

Sonny: Good!

Chad: Good! (They both walk in opposite directions) (Chad's phone rings) Hello?

Sonny: (on the phone) Good!


Chad: Oh, hey, Sonny!

Sonny: Hey Chad, sorry I can't talk, I'm in a hurry.

Chad: Oh, right, right, that "secret prom". (Sonny turns around and looks at him) You know, not much of a secret when every kid in the lots walk around with fliers that read (in a whisper) "secret prom"!

Sonny: (excitedly) Aren't you excited? I'm so excited! I'm even excited about how excited I am!

Chad: Yeah, we're not really feeling that over at the Falls... Mostly we just think it's... dumb?

Sonny: Well! If you think it's so dumb, then maybe you and your little snobby friends at MacKenzie Falls shouldn't come!

Chad: Oh, maybe we won't!

Sonny: Good! Because you're officially uninvited!

Chad: Well... Good, because we officially wouldn't have come anyway!

Sonny: You're only saying that because I just uninvited you!

Chad: You're only uninviting me because I just said I didn't wanna come!

Sonny: (irritated) Are we done here?

Chad: Oh we're beyond done.

Sonny: Good!

Chad: Good!

Sonny: Good!

Chad: Good!

Sonny: So we're good?

Chad: Oh we're so good!


Sonny: (picking up the food she dropped, sees someone stepping on it) Hey! I had three more seconds! (looks up) Chad? What are you doing here? You weren't invited.

Chad: Well I was invited, but I didn't wanna go, then I was uninvited, so I knew I had to go. (starts walking)

Sonny: (stops Chad) No no no no. You're not going to my prom before I do! (Chad reaches for one of the snacks left on the plate, Sonny moves it out of his reach) And these are for the invited guests!

Chad: So you're saying I can't have one?

Sonny: Yeah! You heard me!

Chad: Well then I have to have one! (gets a snack) Hmm! This tastes good! You know where it would taste better? In your prom! (mockingly winks at her and enters the prom)


Sonny: (left alone in the room where there was the prom, sad and disappointed)

Chad: (walks in towards her) Hey. So you finally made it.

Sonny: Chad? What are you still doing here? I thought you'd be the first to go.

Chad: Which is exactly why I had to be the last to go.

Sonny: Well Chad, you were right. All proms end in disaster.

Chad: Do they, Sonny? Do they really? (walks towards Sonny) 'Cause sometimes, I heard, you get to have that... perfect dance, with that one special person... (smiles, takes out headphones from his jacket) Just gonna have to settle for me! (offers Sonny a headphone)

Sonny: (smiles, starts slow-dancing with Chad) This is sweet.

Chad: (still smiling) Yeah, I have my moments.

Sonny: ...You gonna press play?

Chad: Oh right, sorry! (presses play and some funky music starts playing, both start dancing)

The Heartbreak Kids

Sonny: Wow Chad, Lookout Mountain is beautiful and romantic. All the stars are so bright.

Chad: Yes I am. Oh, you mean the stars up there. Yea they're a'ight. They don't have their own show.

Sonny: (weird laugh) I usually wouldn't laugh like that, but I guess I'm just little nervous.

Chad: Relax, I promised an unforgettable evening didn't I?

Sonny: Yea, you did.

Chad: Well, I'm a man of my word.

(Bigfoot apears and they both scream, holding hands)

Chad: What are you doing here? This is the wrong car!

Sonny: Wait, you know bigfoot?

Chad: Yeah, so do you.

Nico: (In the bigfoot costume) Hey Sonny. ---

Sonny: You can't text them. They're grown ups. They don't know how.

Chad: Well, I guess you and I have to go up to Lookout Mountain.

Sonny: What? I'm not going to Lookout Mountain with you. That's a date place.

Chad: Do you want them broken up?

Sonny: Yes.

Chad: Pick you up at 8. (winks)

(Sonny looks nervous, but then smiles a little)

Battle of the Network's Stars

Sonny: (in megaphone) Oh and one more thing, he's the worst actor of our generation!

Chad: (shouts) Bart!! (Bart gives him a megaphone) Cut, cut, stop the lying!

Sonny: You stop the lying!

Chad: You stop the lying!

Selena: Stop! Stop being-- Stop, just STOP IT! Gosh, I was wrong, you two should never be together!

Sonny: Finally! I've been trying to tell her that ALL DAY!

Chad: You've being trying to tell her that? I've been trying to tell her that, too!

Sonny: Well I told her first! She thinks she's some sort of... relationship wizard!

Chad: Yeah! Going on with her little... wizardy magic beans! Okay? Who does she think she is to tell us that we can't like each other, okay? If I wanna like you, (in megaphone) I will!

Sonny: Yeah! And if I wanna like you, (in megaphone) I will!

Chad: Yeah, if I wanna think that you have pretty hair, I will!

Sonny: And if I wanna think that you have sparkly eyes, then I will!

Chad: Yeah! So take that, Selena!

Sonny: In your face, Gomez!

Selena: Wow, yes! You... You guys got me! There's nothing going on here at all! (takes Sonny's megaphone, walks off, then turns back around) You two are... perfect for each other! I'm out of here! (drops megaphone)

Chad: Wait, wait! So you're leaving my movie?

Selena: Huh! I don't need this! I was in Camp Hip Hop! (leaves)

Sonny: Ok! Bye Selena! It was nice working with you! (to Chad) Aww. She seems nice. I should call her!

Chad: Why, are you gonna become BFFs with Selena Gomez?

Sonny: It could happen! So... (looks down, embarassed) you really think I have pretty hair?

Chad: (mumbles, embarassed) I dunno... D'you really think I have sparkly eyes?

Sonny: (mumbles) I dunno... Well, one of them is.

Chad: So... do you wanna be in my movie? I... kinda need a Sonny.

Sonny: (embarassed) Fine...

Chad: (looks down in embarassement) Fine.

Sonny: Good...

Chad: Good...

Sonny: Fine!

Chad: Fine. (starts walking away) I'll set you up an audition, nine o'clock?

Sonny: (mad) Really, Chad? Really?

Chad: (in the megaphone, shyly) Fine. You got the part. (leaves)

Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner

Sonny: Uh... you got some... Chad on your shirt. (takes off a piece of salad from Chad's shirt)

Chad: Oh, thanks. (to girl fixing his outfit) Bib me.

Sonny: So, uh, Chad... I need a favor. (Chad closes lunch box and looks at her) Listen, I'm helping Tawni out and we need your court side seats for the Lakers game.

Chad: Oh, you mean... (takes out tickets) these?

Sonny: Thanks, Chad!

Chad: (Moves tickets out of Sonny's reach and stands up) Ah! Not so fast. I have these seats because...?

Sonny: (with a fake smile)'re the star of MacKenzie Falls, the number one tween show.

Chad: Oh! That's worth one! (gives Sonny one ticket)

Sonny: And... you have the best taste in sandwich in the whole cafeteria.

Chad: (fake gasps) Here's number two. Wanna go for three?

Sonny: (looks away) ...I can't.

Chad: Ooh, say it.

Sonny: I won't.

Chad: (in a whisper, waving the third ticket in Sonny's face) Say it.

Sonny: (against her will) You're the greatest... actor of our... gener...ation.

Chad: (happily) Enjoy the game!

(Sonny looks at him with hate, then smiles excitedly and leaves)


Sonny: (shouting at Tawni from the other side of the door of the dressing room) You can't say no to the kiss cam!

Chad: (from behind Sonny, holding a copy of Tween Weekly) You just couldn't say no to the kiss cam, could ya?

Sonny: (irritated) Chad, not now.

Chad: I trusted you, Sonny. 'Kay? I trusted you to use my seats responsibly, and instead I wake up this morning to find this (shows cover of magazine, with a picture of Sonny and Hayden kissing) cover of Tween Weekly!

Sonny: (shrugging in a "what's-it-to-you" way)

Chad: (mimicking Sonny, angrily) Who is this guy?!

Tawni: (shouting from inside the dressing room) The love of my life!!

Chad: (shouting back with high-pitched voice) Then why is she kissing him?!?!

Tawni: I don't know!!

Sonny: I told you, it was the kiss cam!!

Nico: Sonny...

Sonny: It was the kiss cam!!

Guess Who's Coming To Guest Star

Chad: Oh and, for the record, I am looking forwards to working with you this week.

Sonny: Oh... well... That's very nice. Thank you. Me too.

Chad: Ooh, and, before I forget, I should give you a heads up about something...

Sonny: Yeah, sure, what's up?

Chad: By the end of the week, you're gonna fall in love with me. (winks and goes to sit on the sofa)

Sonny: (nodding, not realizing what Chad said) I'm, heh, I'm sorry, I could've sworn you just said that I was gonna fall in love with you...

Chad: All my leading ladies fall in love with me. Go ask Tisdale! Or Hudgens... or yourself by week's end... (shrugs)

Sonny: Are we done yet? 

Chad: But, I'm just telling you this because I like you.

Sonny: Well, I'm just telling you this because I like you: I don't like you. (gets sandwich from table and hands it to Chad) You know what, maybe you should just take your sammich and get outta here.

Chad: (chuckles) Go Miss! (winks and leaves)

Chad: So! You excited about rehearsing our sketch?

Sonny: Actually, I'm gonna talk to Marshall and have it rewritten.

Chad: Why?! I love the part where you uh, you stub your toe and I come in and say, (dramatically) "Tell me where it hurts..."

Sonny: (stands up and starts to walk off) Yeah, well that's my least favorite part! (trips over couch) Ow...

Chad: (stands up) (mockingly) Hoohoo... You just can't wait, can you?

Sonny: That toe stubbing had nothing to do with you!

Chad: You're falling for me... First the nervousness, then the stumbling...

Sonny: I'm not nervous, and I didn't stumble!

Chad: ...and next you'll be dreaming about me... and then you'll get lost in my eyes...

Sonny: (laughs in his face, turns and starts to walk off)

Chad: ...and finally, after we kiss, you'll be hooked!

Sonny: (turns and walks back to him) After we what?!

Chad: Kiss! Four little letters, just like my name! (gestures in the air, pretending to write his name)

Sonny: And you're nuts! Four little letters, just like your name! (gestures in the air, mimicking him) Kissing... I'm gonna go talk to Marshall about that... (trips again) Ow! ...Who put that chair there?!

Chad: (leans on Tawni's dressing room's door) Knock knock!

Sonny: (irritated) Chad.

Chad: (flirty) Sonny. Hey! Look what I've got for our rehearsal... Two tubes of lipbalm? One for my upper, and one for my lower... (Sonny shakes head, annoyed) Oh, will you relax, ok? I'm just goofin' around. Look, I really wanna do a good job. (hands Sonny a copy of the script)

Sonny: Really?

Chad: Yeah! Hey look, let's uh, let's take it from the part where the uh, the hot E.M.T. comes in... that's me, heh...  and says, "Tell me where it hurts". (sitting on the arm of Tawni's armchair, Sonny sitting on the armchair itself, staring into each other's eyes)

Sonny: Wow, Chad, you were right...! I am getting lost in your eyes... This feels like a dream... (leaning towards him to kiss him)

Sonny: (rehearsing the sketch, wearing a sombrero, stubs her toe) Help! I've stubbed my toe! Is there a paramedic in the café? (Walks towards the couch limping) Ow... ow... ow...

Chad: (putting on the table his equipment) What seems to be the problem?

Sonny: It's my toe... It's been terribly terribly stubbed...

Chad: Oh, no! Let's take a look!

Sonny: (puts foot on table, revealing a huge toe)

Chad: Whoa! That's one stubbed toe...

Sonny: Aren't you gonna make it feel better?

Chad: (pretending to read the script, talking to Sonny, smiling) I know what you're doing... You don't wanna look me in the eyes...

Sonny: (laughs it up, unconvincingly) Pfft! What are you talking about!

Chad: (still smiling) Fine! Then take off the hat.

Sonny: (laughs nervously) Fine! (Takes off sombrero, revealing a smaller hat underneath)

Chad: (laughs) You're wearing a hat under a hat?! You had the dream, didn't ya? Ah, 't's ok. Tisdale wore six hats. (seriously) But that didn't stop destiny.

Sonny: (angrily, turns to look at him) There is no destiny! There is no you and me! There is no... (Chad getting closer to her, staring at her in the eyes) ...Wow... I never realized what a... deep shade of blue your eyes are... (leaning forwards to kiss him, then regaining control) Oh my gosh, what am I doing!!

Chad: (laughing) Hah... getting lost in my eyes... Check! And now all that's left is the kiss!

Sonny: (takes hat off, angrily) You know what?! I will not kiss you!! Not in a million years!! You and I don't kiss!! Not now, not ever!!

Marshall: You two are gonna kiss!

Sonny: (angry and shocked) WHAT?!

Marshall: Sonny, you were right, this sketch is all wrong! I'm gonna rewrite it! (Chad laughs) Yeah! Yeah, so now, after you stub your toe, he fixes it, but not with a bandage! With a kiss! And the audience goes, whoaaaa! Can't wait! (leaves)

Chad: (still laughing) Ah, a kiss! Check and mate! Mwah! (looks at Sonny smiling, she's annoyed)

Chad: (walks up to Sonny, wearing the costume for the sketch) So... You, uh, you ready for all this? (kisses fake biceps)

Sonny: (irritated) Let's just get this sketch over with.

Chad: (giggles) Alright. But after it happens, you know we're gonna be in love.

Sonny: "We"?

Chad: (nervous) You. I-I said you.

Sonny: You said "we"!

Chad: No I didn't!

Sonny: Yes you did!

Chad: Okay, f-fine, but... "we" is my nickname for you... We happy?!

Sonny So Far

Sonny: I can't believe Gilroy tried to do that to us!

Chad: He's a jerk! I can't believe I read that book for nothing!

Sonny: You know... Tawni and I made a pact earlier... That we wouldn't tell any of our secrets and I think that we should probably do the same thing.

Chad: (a little nervous) Ok fine, I didn't read the book! (sees Sonny's face) Oh! You were talking about between us! Yeah, we don't have secrets... Do we?

Sonny: I... dunno... Do we?


Sonny: (not knowing they're being caught on camera) I mean... wait a second, like us, liking each other? 

Chad: (nervous) Yeah, I mean... don't really wanna talk about my feelings in front of the Live Studio audience!

Sonny: Yeah, yeah! Right! I mean, especially feelings that we've never talked about before...

Chad: Yeah! ...You have feelings?

Sonny: Do you have feelings?

Chad: I mean... Since you're... really asking and it's just... just the two of us... 

Sonny: Right! And there's, like, no cameras this time or anything... 

Chad: I really... It's just that...

Sonny: No, listen! It's what I'm here for. (both sigh with relief) You go first!

Chad: No, you go first!

Sonny: No, you go f... Ok, same time.

Chad: Yeah.

Sonny: One... (giggles nervous) Two...

Chad: I was gonna say that... Yeah... Uhm... Two and a half...

Tawni: (gets remote and turns off screen)


Gilroy: (steals remote from Tawni and turns the screen back on)

Sonny: (relieved) That was... so much easier to say than I thought it would be!

Walk a Mile in My Pants

Sonny: (smiling) Hey Chad, did you hear about my walk-a-thon for books?

Chad: Oh, why, yes we did! I have to say Sonny, you're very inspiring!

Sonny: Well, we have so much, it's important that we give back.

Chad: (laughs) No! No, I mean you inspired me to have a walk-a-thon against your walk-a-thon. (hands leaflet to Sonny)

Sonny: (takes leaflet) A walk-a-thon against books?! How can you be against books?

Chad: It's easy! The more you read, the less you watch MacKenzie Falls.

Sonny: That's your cause? To get people to watch more TV?

Chad: Are you not listening? It's to get them to read less! I'll see you at the walk-a-thon against books! (turns around to leave, then turns to Sonny again) Ooh, gotta tell you something though, Sonny. We're gonna raise more money than you.

Sonny: For what?!

Chad: To not buy books!

Sonny: That makes no sense.

Chad: Ah! Guess all that reading you're doing isn't making you any smarter now, is it?! See ya!

(Holding hands)

Chad: I love...

Sonny: Yes?

Chad: I mean, I deeply love...

Sonny: (gets closer) Go on..

Chad: That more kids are reading less books because of Chad Dylan Cooper!

(Lets go of hand)

Sonny: Oh no! I think you're coming down with PFS too!

Chad: What's that!?

Sonny: Pillow in the Face Syndrome!

(Smacks Chad with pillow)

Gassie Passes

Chad: (entering Sonny's dressing room with a worried look on his face) Knock knock?

Sonny: (sad, sitting on her couch) Hey.

Chad: Hey, so... I heard... You alright?

Sonny: (nods, a bit uncertain) I guess...

Chad: (comes in and closes door behind him) Well I've got just the way to cheer you up! (Sonny looks up at him and he takes out an empty balloon) I'm gonna make you a balloon animal!

Sonny: (still very sad) ...Thanks... (Chad starts blowing in the balloon) You know, I just... never realized how much everything reminds me of him... (sighs) When I throw a ball, and Grady chases it... From Nico, who hates the mailman... To Zora, how she chews on... (Chad lets the balloon go by mistake, making the sound of a fart) (Sonny starts crying) Gassie!

Chad: (sits down on a chair next to her, tries to comfort her) Sonny... Sonny, it was the balloon...

Sonny: (still crying) It's... too soon! (moves from her couch to Tawni's couch)

Chad: (runs next to her and crouches next to the couch) And this is the real reason I came here. You're in no condition to plan the memorial service that Gassie deserves.

Sonny: I know, but who's gonna do it?

Chad: Well, I will. (Sonny looks at him with gratitude) We'll do it at the Falls. (smiles) He was always so happy at the Falls.

Sonny: (about to burst into tears again, nodding) He loved those cardboard trees...

Chad: (stands up) Just leave everything to me.

Sonny: Really? But... You promise Gassie's memorial will be... intimate, and tasteful?

Chad: (puts a hand on her shoulder) I wouldn't have it any other way.

Falling for the Falls (Part 1)

Sonny: I need to talk to you right away.

Chad: Actually, I'm glad you're here. I need a favor.

Sonny: I don't have time to help you with your science project.

Chad: (laughing) Please. I have an actual scientist for that. (Sonny looks confused) I need a tennis judge? Word on the street is you can help?

Sonny: What? I'm not a tennis judge!

Chad: ...So you just made that up.

Sonny: (thinking for a second) Yes, but listen...

Chad: (interrupting her) Who makes up something like that?!

Sonny: Who needs a free-lance tennis judge?!

Chad: Actually, I'm hosting my annual charity tournament and I don't wanna lose again.

Sonny: Ohh. I see. Well, as much as I'd love to help you cheat for a good cause, I can't. Why? Oh yeah because I'm not a tennis judge!

Chad: Uh-huh. So what'd you want?

Sonny: Some answers!

Chad: To what?

Sonny: (with passion) To how it all ends! To how long it's gonna be before you ask the girl you're destined to be with!

Chad: (confused) I'm... not sure I can answer that...

Sonny: Aren't you in charge of your own destiny?

Chad: Uh, I guess...

Sonny: Well, then it's time to say enough! I mean, when two people are this right for each other, there's only one thing to do!

Chad: (looking at her, surprised but pleased) How long have you felt this way?

Sonny: Just since yesterday. Hasn't been long, but it hit me like a ton of bricks!

Chad: (shyly) Well... I mean, I... I guess I feel the same way...

Sonny: Well then do something about it!

Chad: (with determination) Okay I will!

Sonny: Great!

Chad: (with a begging look in his eyes) Sonny will you go out with me? 

Sonny: (shocked) I'm, pft, I'm sorry, did you just ask me out?!

Chad: (confused) I'm sorry, didn't you just beg me to?

Sonny: (suddenly realising the misunderstanding) Wait, did you think I was talking about...? (looks away, shocked) Oh dear, this is awkward...

Chad: (laughing, pretending to understand what's going on) Ahahahah, it sure is... Sure is awkward... You know, I know why it's awkward... Just wanna know if you know... Why it's awkward...

Sonny: I was talking about MacKenzie and Chloe, but... You seemed to be talking about...

Chad: Oh no no no no, yup yup, me too, same page! (laughing nervously) Whoo!

Sonny: (laughing nervously too) Whoo-hoo!

Chad: (still laughing) See I just thought you thought I thought it was awkward because you thought I was asking you out... Rather than MacKenzie asking Chloe out... (unconvincingly) Which I was...

Sonny: Yeah but you said Sonny...

Chad: Yup up up up that's awkward.

Sonny: (embarassed) So...

Chad: (embarassed) So...

(awkward silence)

Chad: (turns towards Sonny) You're a MacKenzie Falls fan now!

Sonny: Yeah!

Chad: (speaking at the same time as Sonny) Cool... cool...

Sonny: (speaking at the same time as Chad) Yeah, that is...

Chad: (smiling) So I suppose I should probably tell you I'm a So Random fan now...

Sonny: (smiling) Really?

Chad: (smiling awkwardly and looking away) Yeah, but I'd be lying...

Sonny: (disappointed for a second) You know... It's funny... like I learnt with MacKenzie Falls... that sometimes... If you look at something with an open mind, you can... Surprise yourself.

Chad: (pleased and surprised)

Sonny: So... yeah.

Chad: What?

Sonny: Yeah I'll go out with you.

Chad: (pleased and surprised) Good...!

Sonny: (in disbelief for what she just said) Good...!

Chad: So we're doing this!

Sonny: I guess so! (starts to walk away, then turns back around) Wait, so, I still don't know, does MacKenzie ever ask...

Chad: Papapapapap... Yeah, if we're gonna make this thing work, I'm gonna have to insist you never ask me about my business.

Sonny: (disappointed) Fine, I guess I'm gonna have to check the blogs like everybody else...


Chad: You guys, should we run my lines before we shoot this thing... Let's take it from where I say... "I need to talk to you right away".

Sonny: (coming from behind him) I need to talk to you right away.

Chad: (shouting angrily) That is my line! Do I need to fire some-- (turns around and sees Sonny) Oh hey, Sonny.

Sonny: (a bit nervous) Hi, uhm... Can I... talk to you for a sec? (turns to Chloe) Sorry to interrupt! Huge fan, since yesterday!

Chad: That's a five, everybody! Apparently I need to talk to my lady! (puts arm around Sonny)

Sonny: (looking at the other people on the set and hitting Chad's chest, laughing nervously) Joking! He's just kidding, I'm not his lady!


(Bell rings at Sonny's house)

Connie: Oh, good! Something to do! (opens door and sees Chad holding flowers, a MacKenzie Falls box set and a signed photo of him) MacKenzie! (slams door)

Sonny: Mom!

Connie: Sorry! I didn't know how strict your band was!

Sonny: (fixes hair and opens door)

Chad: (still a bit shocked) ...Hey.

Sonny: (acting like she doesn't want to talk to him) What are you doing here?

Chad: Uh, can I come in? (smiling)

Sonny: ...A little. (Connie smiling excitedly behind her)

Chad: (takes a step in) Well I thought about what you asked me...

Sonny: (looks back and interrupts Chad) Excuse me. (faces Connie and holds her shoulders) Mom. You may go watch the Falls.

Connie: (smiling) I'm good.

Sonny: Go watch the Falls. (Connie starts moving towards the couch) In your room!

Connie: Aww!

Sonny: (turns back to Chad) Go on.

Chad: Anyway, you asked me what hurt more... The being over the Falls or you canceling our date, and... (closes door behind him) It was definitely you canceling our date. It's not a toughie at all.

Sonny: Thanks. That's... very MacKenzie of you.

Chad: Thanks. So you never did actually give me a reason why you called off our date.

Sonny: Well... I mean... It's kinda like you said. When you date me, you date So Random, and you know them, they could be... (interrupted by So Random! cast members breaking into Sonny's apartment, squashing Chad behind the door)

Sonny: (a little embarassed) So, uh... when's the tournament?

Chad: I give you the details tomorrow night.

Sonny: What's tomorrow night?

Chad: Our first date! See ya! (winks and leaves)

Falling for the Falls (Part 2)

Chad: (rehearsing a scene of MacKenzie Falls) This is exactly what I was afraid of if I asked you out... That I would end up either broken or brokenhearted... Just never imagined it would be both, Sonny...

Chloe: (confused) Sonny?!

Chad: What Sonny?

Chloe: You said Sonny!

Chad: I don't think so.

(At the same time, over at So Random!)

Sonny: The patient is critical. We need to get him to the operating room, Chad!

Tawni: (confused) Chad?

Sonny: Huh? Wha..? I didn't say Chad, I said SAT! As in we need to get him, to the operating room, CHAD!

Grady: Hmm! You did it again.

Sonny: Uhh, no I don't think so!

Nico: (wakes up from pretending to be dead) I heard it too!

Grady: Even the dead guy heard it.

Sonny: OK, you know what, this is ridiculous...

Chad: (at MacKenzie Falls) You people are hearing things...

Sonny: (at the same time as Chad) I did not say Chad!

Chad: (at the same time as Sonny) I did not say Sonny!


Chad: (getting some food, not looking at Sonny who's behind him, trying to act natural, whispering) They're watching...

Sonny: (same as Chad) Yeah, I know, act natural...

Chad: Good call, just follow my lead...

Sonny: Okay...

Chad: (to lunch lady, dramatically) What say, you good woman? (Sonny drops her food on the counter and turns around to look at him) Were these apples freshly picked this fine morn?

Sonny: (to Chad, in a low voice) Wha... I said act natural, not Amish! (Chad, embarassed, goes back to the food) This is silly, why don't we just tell people that we have a date tonight?

Chad: No, no, bad idea. You know how much our two shows hate each other. If they find out we're going on a date, then they might think it's okay for them, and it'll... (shakes head just at the thought, Sonny does the same)

Tawni: (to Zora, Nico and Grady, looking at Sonny and Chad) You don't think those two like each other, do you?

Nico: Hmm... Maybe... I mean, look at them tryna act all discreet...

Grady: Well I happen to be a keen reader of lips, so... (bragging) Whatever Sonny and Chad are saying, they might as well be saying it right to me. (inhales heavily to concentrate, places fingers on his temples)

Sonny: So, Chad...

Grady: No, Brad...

Sonny: ...What's the plan?

Chad: Well, I'm getting a limo...

Grady: Apparently, he's getting a pillow...

Chad: take us...

Grady: ...two steaks plus...

Chad: eight o'clock...

Grady: ...he ate a sock...

Chad: a nice dinner.

Grady: ...and a rice thinner!

Tawni: (to Grady) Read my lips. (Grady turns to her) You're a dope.

Grady: ...Europe's pope! (gets fingers off temples)

Sonny: (to Chad) So, uh... I'll see you tonight!

Chad: Can't wait!

Sonny: Me neither! Ready to get them what they want?

Chad: Oh, bring it on!

Sonny: (shouting) Oh, do you really got to touch ALL the fruit? (walks away)

Chad: (following her) Ohh! Oh look at that, well! Maybe someone should go find their apples elsewhere!

Sonny: Maybe I will!

Chad: Fine!

Sonny: Fine!

Chad: Good!

Sonny: Good! (walks off angrily, Chad walks back to the food)


Chad: (to his image in the mirror) I know this is hard for you. It's been just you and me for so long. But tonight I'm seeing someone new and you're just gonna have to learn to share me! ... Please don't cry. If you start crying, I'm gonna start cry. Now look away so I can get dressed!


Sonny: (on the phone) Hey Chad, it's me! Please, call me back, I've been... ready for half an hour now! Listen, I can't wait to see you, it's... It's gonna be perfect.

(in the meantime, in Chad's dressing room)

Chad: It's wrong, this is all wrong! (kicking some clothes on the floor)


Sonny: You know what, Chad? Why don't you just... leave the way you came in?

Chad: ...Fine. But if you don't mind, I think I'm gonna take this window... (opens curtains)

Sonny: (walks towards window and opens it in disbelief) Oh my gosh! (reading billboard) Chad is a fool for Sonny?

Chad: I wanted the world to know. I want you to know that I wanna be seen... anywhere, anytime, no matter how... goofy your big brown eyes make me.

Sonny: Wow... I mean... I don't know what to say...

Chad: How about a yes?

Sonny: To what?

Chad: (gets her hand in his) To giving our first date a second chance. (Sonny smiles at him)

Connie: (from her room) Oh, just say yes already!

Sonny: (laughing a little) Yes.

Chad: (offering his arm) Shall we?

Sonny: (wraps arm around his) We shall!


Chad: Is this table okay, my lady?

Sonny: (smiling nervously) Yeah, it's great! But it is a bit drafty...

Chad: Ooh, here! (stands up and puts his coat around her shoulders)

Yoshi: (comes in holding two plates of sushi)

Chad: Yoshi, my man! (sits back down in his seat)

Sonny: This is the coolest second first date I've ever been on.

Chad: (holds her hand) I'm glad you like it.

Sonny: (looks at him happily, then looks away) But it's not perfect yet.

Chad: (lets go of her hand, nervously) It's not perfect? What do you mean, it's not perfect?

Sonny: Well, the stars are out, which is nice... And the view is amazing, which is great... And you're here, which makes me happy... But... I don't know, something's just missing.

Chad: (nervously) What is it, what's missing?! Oh, no... (gets glass of water and almost starts drinking)

Sonny: (stops him from drinking) Whoa, okay, relax! Easy on the water... (Chad puts glass down) You know... I just thought... If you're not afraid of how the world sees you... Then I shouldn't be afraid of how my friends see me.

Tawni, Zora, Nico and Grady: (from Sonny's window, complaining)

Chad: (smiling, pleased) What are they doing here?

Sonny: I texted them.

Grady: Worst pizza night ever!

Connie: (closing curtain in front of them) Show's over, kids!

Chad: (gets glass) To us?

Sonny: (gives a quick glance to the billboard, then takes the glass) To us! (thinking) He's adorable!

Chad: (thinking) I'm back, baby!

Zora: (opens curtain and shouts) We will never be cool with this! (closes curtain with too much strength, revealing Tawni)

Tawni: Ever! (closes curtain)

Sonny With a Secret

Chad: *crying* Here's my lady at the zoo. Here's my lady at the pancake house eating a short stack. Here's my lady screaming at me to stop taking pictures of her short stack.

Penelope: Chad, what are you doing?

Chad: That's what she said when I took the picture. Why did I let her go? Don't look at me. ---

Chad: I don't need a fortune cookie to make this decision! I choose SONNY!


Chad: I missed you, short stack!

Sonny: (hugs him) I missed you too, egg whites with tomatoes on the side, don't let them touch or else it's going back.

That's So Sonny

Sonny: Yeah Chad, what's it gonna be?

Chad: (nervously) Uh... You're fired.

Sonny and Amber: Ha! Wait, which one of us?

Chad: Amber?

Amber: Yes?

Chad: You're fired.

Amber: (mumbling) You can't be serious...

Chad: Look, you can tell me what shirts to wear, you can tell me what shirts not to wear, but nobody, nobody, tells Chad Dylan Cooper who to date! (hugs Sonny)


Chad: What did you do?!

Sonny: (desperate) I was just trying to help, but I got papercuts from mailing, I got blisters from Flittering, I got a headache from wearing this wig, I did everything I could Chad! Everything! But the numbers just kept dropping! They just kept dropping!!

Chad: S-Sonny... Sonny, come back to me, come back to me... come back to me, it's ok...

Sonny: I'm sorry, Chad, I did everything I could, I thought I could run your fan club but I can't...

==Chad Without A Chance==

Chad: (hugging Sonny) Can't you see my lady's not feeling well? (Sonny sneezes) You people disgust me. Almost as much as the snot rocket that just came out of my lady's nose. (to Sonny) It's okay, come on, let's go make you some tea, 'cause you're sick. (turns to Randoms) Loooovesick! (Randoms complain, disgusted)


Chad: I would never pressure you like that.

Sonny: (smiles)

Chad: Something that I only need you, uh, to hang 50 of these babies. (hands Sonny a MacKenzie Falls poster)

Sonny: (sarcastically) You're so good to me.

Chad: (smiling) Oh I know.

Sonny: (hits Chad with poster) You're not good to me!


Chad: What, uh, you mean the list of things to uh, help the Randoms? Uh, wow... (touches Sonny's forehead) How sick are you?

Sonny: You know what? You're right. It must be the fever talking because if I wasn't sick, clearly I'd know that you could never handle this list.

Chad: (offended) Really?

Sonny: Really.

Chad: 'Cause I'm pretty sure I can handle a day babysitting your little funhut buddies.

Sonny: (gets up) Yeah, I don't think so.

Chad: (takes the list) I know so.

Sonny: Really?

Chad: Really.

Sonny: Good.

Chad: Good.

Sonny: Fine.

Chad: Fine.

Sonny: Going home.

Chad: Feel better!

Sonny: Thanks!

Chad: Miss you.

Sonny: Miss you too. (smiles and leaves)


Chad: You should really put some sunscreen on. I want your face to stay perfect.

My Two Chads

Sonny: You see that? Now that's two people who are about each other. We will never have what they have, Chad. You know why? (Chad looking hurt) Because you know absolutely nothing about me! (stands up and walks away)

Chad: (stands up and runs after her) Sonny, wait! Please!

Sonny: What?!

Chad: I do know something about you. I... I know that you're the first girl who's ever called me out of being...

Sonny:(angrily) A jerk?

Chad: ...Yeah. But you did it because you knew that underneath that jerk there was a person worth getting to know. All I'm asking for, Sonny, is a chance to... start over, prove you right.

Sonny: ...I'm sorry, Chad. It's too late. (leaves)

Chad: (riding a bike, shouting) Sonny!

Sonny: (angrily) Oh my gosh! Another thing you lied to me about?! You do know how to ride a bike!

Chad: No... argh, no, I really don't... I'm really afraid right now, but... I'm more afraid of losing you... (riding in circles around Sonny) And... Come on, Sonny, I'm reaching out to you! (Sonny doesn't move) Son... No really, I'm reaching out to you, because I really don't know how to stop this thing! Help! Ah! Aah! (bumps into trash cans)

Sonny: (worried, runs towards Chad) Yes, you really didn't know how to ride a bike! (crouches next to Chad) Chad! Are you okay?!

Chad: (coming out of a trash can) Oh... Oh, I'm okay...

Sonny: Are you sure? What's your name?

Chad: Ah... Chad Dylan Cooper...

Sonny: (covers name tag) What's my name?

Chad: Sonny Munroe...

Sonny: ...What's today's date?...

Chad: ...October 2nd.

Sonny: ...Good... Now remember that...

Chad: Why?

Sonny: Because it's the day I've decided to give you a second chance.

Chad: (starts crying) Really??

Sonny: Chad?! Are you crying?!

Chad: (nods holding his left shoulder) Yeah... This is why I need a stunt double...

Sonny: (smiles and hugs him)

Sonny With A Kiss

Chad: Hey, uh, friends can hug, right?

Sonny: Yeah! I hug the randoms all the time! (they hug for a few seconds, then they kiss)

Chad: (smiling) ...Wow.

Sonny: (smiling) Yeah... Wow!

Chad: You don't do that with the Randoms, do you? It's... weird...

Sonny: Nope! Nope, sure don't! You know what? I... I think when we were Channy... We lost track of Sonny and Chad... You know?

Chad: Well... Channy may not have a spark, but... Sonny and Chad sure do.

New Girl

Chad: *looking at his phone*

Sonny: *looking at her phone, bumps into Chad*

Chad: Hey.

Channy Love!

Sonny: Hey.

Chad: I didn't lose something, just going for a walk.

Sonny: Yeah, me too. *starts walking with Chad*

Chad: I heard you killed it at the Patio the other night.

Sonny: As a matter of fact, I did. *shows Chad the money, smile*

Chad: Sorry I wasn't there to see it.

Sonny: Maybe it's for the best.

Chad: Maybe. Well, uh... I guess I'll see you around, huh?

Sonny: Yeah... See you around, Chad.

Chad: Good.

Sonny: Good.

Chad: Fine.

Sonny: Fine.

Chad: *smiles at Sonny, walks away*

Sonny: *smiles back, looks after Chad, sighs, walks off* Tell me what to do, ooh. About you. I already know, I can see in your eyes when you're selling the truth.

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