Chad's Opening Monologue
Chad and MacKenzie answering the audience's questions.
Seen in "A So Random! Holiday Special"
Parody of SNL Opening Monologues
Starring Chad Dylan Cooper
Zora Lancaster
Tawni Hart
Nico Harris
Grady Mitchell
Sonny Munroe

"Chad's Opening Monologue" is featured in "A So Random! Holiday Special."


In this sketch, the audience asks Chad questions, but everyone ignores him and pays attention only to MacKenzie. He starts with Bonnie (Zora), a girl in the front row, who was confused because in season 2 his favorite dessert was bananas foster and in season 5 it was baked alaska. Chad replies with his favorite dessert, but she interrupts him saying, "Booooring!" Then there is this Caroline (Tawni) claims to be MacKenzie's biggest fan and that she has never felt this way about another man. Then her boyfriend, Rodger (Nico), becomes jealous as Chad becomes upset because everyone is talking about MacKenzie instead of him. MacKenzie suddenly comes out onto the stage and Caroline screams, "You're my soulmate!" Rodger is confused and exclaimes, "I thought I was your soulmate!" She replies, "I was picturing MacKenzie when I said that!" Chad, more frustrated than ever due to MacKenzie's appearance, continues taking questions. A surfer (Grady) asks wants to ask Chad a question. Chad is excited and accepts his question. The guy proceeds to asks him what it's like working with MacKenzie and Chad becomes angry again. Finally, in a vain attempt to save his monologue, Chad introduces the crowd to his "grandma," Gammy Dylan Cooper (Sonny), who asks Chad to move to the left because she couldn't see MacKenzie. Chad storms out angrily.



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