Chad's Awesome Birthday Song
Chad preforming his awesome birthday song in Sonny's apartment.


Chad Dylan Cooper/Sterling Knight

Written By

Chad Dylan Cooper



Featured in

"Dakota's Revenge"
"New Girl"

As used in two Sonny With a Chance episodes, Chad sang a song he 'wrote'. He first writes the song for Dakota Condor in "Dakota's Revenge" for her 'Wow Me' birthday party. The second time he sang the song was in "New Girl" when he sees Sonny's guitar in her!!!!


Chad, Chad, Chaddy-Chad, Chad

Dakota, it's your birthday and it shouldn't be bad! You deserve the best! The gift of Chad!

So come on lucky girl, and sing along, to Chaddy's awesome birthday song! Woo! Chad, Chad, Chaddy-Chad, Chad.

Chad, Chad, Chaddy  Chad, Chad.

Dakota it's your birthday I hope your sad.

You deserve bad.

Now come on girl, sing along to chaddy's awesome birthday song

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