Celebrity First Mates

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Game Show



Special Editions

Tween Edition

Celebrity First Mates is a pirate themed game show featured in the episode "My Two Chads".

Game Play


The object of this game show is to accumulate the most points by being the first to answer a series of questions about your first mate. There are multiple rounds and in the last sixty seconds of each round the "Speed Round" begins. The game play in the "Speed Round" is similar to that of the preceding rounds, just slightly faster. At the end of the game whichever pair has racked up the most points is declared the winner. The winners recieve money that will go towards their selected charity.

Potential Questions

  • Where and when did you meet your first mate?
  • What's your first mate's favorite video game?
  • What's your first mate's favorite fruit?
  • What's your first mate's least favorite type of tentacles?
  • Why can't your first mate watch Robin Williams?
  • What's your first mate's birthday?
  • [What is] your first mate's favorite sport?
  • [What is the] name of their first pet?
  • [What is your first mate's] hometown?

Notable Guest Hosts

Notable Contestants

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