Candy Face
Sonny as "Candy Face."

"Legendary" Candy Face

Disfigured Suburban Dad

Murder Methods


"Real" Candy Face

Sonny Munroe

Candy Face is a tall tale told by Ms. Bitterman about a man with candy melted into his face, seen in "The Legend of Candy Face".

The Legend

Ms. Bitterman told the two shows the legend around a campfire. The legend of Candy Face says that there was once a loving suburban dad who, in trying to make his children laugh, made a mask out of candy. However, it melted into his face and never came off, and he became known as Candy Face. Because of the mask, people laughed at him (This is ironic because he wanted to make people laugh, but not for the reason of mocking.). This angered him, so he brutally murdered anyone and everyone who laughed at him.

The Real "Candy Face"

In the titular episode, the casts of So Random! and MacKenzie Falls go camping and something keeps kidnapping Sonny, destroying electronics, and then dropping her on the scene. When Sonny checks Zora's camera, she discovers that she sleepwalks with a blanket over her head destroying stuff. When it's her turn to go on watch and protect the camp from Candy Face, Sonny falls asleep, and candy gets stuck to her water-covered face. Naturally, when they see her, the others mistake her for Candy Face. Sonny apologizes to everyone for breaking their items and says she will replace them all. After that gets sorted out, Ms. Bitterman appears with face cream on, frightening everyone away but Zora, who tries to stab Ms. Bitterman with a pitchfork. Later, gathered around the campfire, everyone sings a dramatic song about what happened.


  • Before the release of the episode, fans thought that Grady was Candy Face.
  • Grady's line, "The candy melts in your mouth, not on your face", is a parody on the M&Ms slogan used from 1940s to the early 2000s which was "The candy melts in your mouth, not in your hand".
  • There is actually a theme song about Candy Face (The Legend of Candy Face Song) which Ms. Bitterman sang and played her cello with.

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