Buddy 2
Gender Male
Profession Retired
Family & Friends
Friends Grace Gallagher


Production Information
First appearance Random Acts of Disrespect
Portrayed by Larry Gelman

Buddy (Larry Gelman) is an elderly man who visits the So Random! set with Grace Gallagher in "Random Acts of Disrespect".


Buddy was quite the charmer back in the day. He claims to have had "a head of hair that made all the girls in the Garment District swoon." Unfortunately for him, six months after his seventeenth birthday "the start of melon season" (also known as balding) began. Buddy claims to have looked just like Chad when he was seventeen. He uses photo evidence to prove his claim. Because of the similarities between himself and Chad, he convinces Chad that the start of melon season is looming in the near future, since Chad has just recently turned seventeen.

"Random Acts of Disrespect"

Buddy is one of the elderly people that comes along with Grace Gallagher on her trip to So Random!.When he first encounters Chad Dylan Cooper, he is shocked to see that Chad looks exactly like he did when he was seventeen. He then proceeds to convince Chad that "melon season" is on the horizon for him. Buddy is also one of the elderly people insulted by the So Random! sketch, "The Elderly Choice Awards.". He helps Grace and Edith come up the prank they play on the cast of So Random! and later forgives them.


  • Buddy is Chad's counterpart in this episode.
  • According to Buddy, Chad looks exactly like he did when he was seventeen.
  • Buddy appears to be part of the Swimnastics Class, but tags along with Grace and "The Dos and Don'ts of Internet Dating" class to the So Random! set. It is possible he is part of both classes.

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