Bracey Girrlz
is a sketch featured in episode six of So Random.


A young girl named Emily is told she's getting braces by her dentist, Dr.Goldstein. When Emily rejects the braces, Dr.Goldstein decides to call-out two girls. The two of them (Hannah and Metal), along with Dr.Goldstein and their friend Gearihanna, recite a rap for Emily. After they finish, Emily finally accepts having braces.


Hannah and Metal: What, what?

Metal: Brace yourself for a brand new beat, I got these crazy shiny things on my teeth! My molars curve right, canines curves left and now I got the smell of metal on my breath!

Hannah: (coughing)

Metal: It's insane! In my brain! My grill makes me ill cuz' my teeth got the chain!

Hannah: Metal girl has metal glued on her teeth, but I got it worse call the dental police! Before I proceed, gotta give this disclaimer, I'm wearing one butt ugly plastic retainer!

Metal: Now I got food stuck in my braces, everyone's pointing, making weird faces!

Hannah: Now we have a whole list of things we can't eat, I'm gonna lay em' on you, yo Metal, drop me a beat!

Metal: (beat-boxing)

Hannah: Wickey, wickey!

Metal: (beat-boxing) A difficulty flossing!

Hannah: Apples, gum, caramel, toffe

Metal: What's the point in living till' these things are off me!

Hannah: Plastic is drastic, it's making me, spastic!

Metal: Then I guess you never felt the pull of elastic!

Nurse: Excuse me, Dr. Goldstein it's time for you to break it down.

Goldstein: Oh Snap! They call me Dr. G, cuz' that's my starting fee, if you're teeth are messed up, come have a seat with me. I'll mangle your mouth and stretch out your lips, while all my hygienists be shaking their hips.

Metal: Now, I spit when I talk and it hurts when I eat!

Hannah: There's a girl who's got it worse that I think you should meet!

Metal: She's part of our crew!

Hannah: Her mouth's full of drama!

Metal: Give it up for the Snaggletooth!

Hannah: But still hot!

Hannah and Metal: Gearihanna!

Gearihanna: (Muffled sounds)

Metal: So if you see us down the street and you think you can take us,

Hannah: You can't hurt us, cuz' we got braces on our faces!


  • Nico Harris as Gearihanna
  • Damien Johanson as Dr. Goldstein
  • Audrey Vale as Emily
  • Grace Wetzel as Hannah
  • Zora Lancaster as Metal
  • Tawni HArt as Dr. Goldstein's assistant

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