Blossom Scouts
A formally dressed Blossom Scout leader and a Blossom Scout.


Little Bloomer
Full Grown Blossom

Notable Activity

Cookie Selling

Cookie Types

Chocolate Chipper Monkeys
Oatmeal Crustys
Blueberry Bo Peeps
Marshmallow Dingles
Coconut Canoodles
Flicker Doodles

Price Per Box


Cookie Selling Record Holder

Zora Lancaster


The Girl Scouts of the USA

Seen In

"Cookie Monsters"

The Blossom Scouts is a youth organization of mostly girls that promotes honesty, being well-groomed, loyalty, selflessness, helping others, friendship, and other values in the episode "Cookie Monsters".

The Blossom Scouts

A Blossom Scout starts out as a "little bloomer". From there a girl (or in some cases a boy) can earn merit badges to become a full-grown Blossom. A full-grown Blossom is a little bloomer who was completed all the necessary requirements and have earned all the necessary merit badges. If a Blossom is unable to complete and earn all the necessary merit badges, regardless of how close they are, they will not be promoted to full-grown Blossom. In the case of Sonny Munroe, she was unable to complete her first aid to a choking victim merit badge, and thus preventing her from becoming a full-grown Blossom at age eight.

A Blossom Scout can be dismissed from the Blossoms at their leader's discretion. Sonny was dismissed on the grounds of being unable to complete a merit badge. Zora was dismissed on the grounds that Sonny was her cookie selling partner, and by Sonny breaking a Blossom Scout rule, Zora must be immediately dismissed from the Blossoms.

Cookie Selling

Cookie selling is fierce among the Blossoms. Girls have been known to try and steal cookie sales from other girls by means of pulling customers from their competitor's line. And thus a rule was added to the Blossom Scout Code (164-B) stating, "If a Blossom Scout's partner forcibly pulls a customer out of a cookie line in an attempt to sell said person cookies, the scout leader must expel said Blossom Scout immediately.".

A box of cookies is priced at two dollars.

Types of Cookies

  • Chocolate Chipper Monkeys
  • Oatmeal Crustys
  • Blueberry Bo Peeps
  • Marshmallow Dingles
  • Coconut Canoodles
  • Flicker Doodles

Cookie Selling Record

Currently the all-time cookie selling record holder is Zora Lancaster, who was aided by Sonny Munroe in her cookie selling process. Originally, Zora tied with one, Dakota Condor. But after an incident that occurred soon after the record holder was announced, Dakota was stripped of her title and dismissed from the Blossoms.

Notable Blossom Scouts


  • The Blossom Scouts are a parody of The Girl Scouts of the USA.

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