Beauty at the Ye Oldie Nail Salon.
Gender Female
Profession New Jersey Princess
Family & Friends
Significant other Prince Carmine (Ex-Boyfriend)
Frenemies Cindy
Production Information
First appearance "High School Miserable"
Portrayed by Zora Lancaster

Beauty is the second princess known in New Jersey. She is portrayed by Zora.


Beauty is the smartest princess. She stops fights from Cindy and Snowy. She is portrayed by the craziest and smartest member Zora. Beauty is Snowy's "buddy." She is best friends with Snowy. She is frenemies with Cindy. She has an ex-boyfriend, Prince Carmine, who is Snowy's boyfriend. It is unknown if she is friends or frenemies with Tony Two-Face. But, with the exception of Cindy, she might be frenemies with him. She is a parody of Sleeping Beauty.

Her catchphrase in the intros to the sketches is 'With all the beauty rest I get, is it any wonder I'm so hot?'
Real Princesses of New Jersey So Random Sketch - Sonny With A Chance-(003591)07-02-gffffffffffff-1-

From Right to Left: Snowy, Cindy, Beauty



She and Snowy are buddies. Snowy is the best friend. They both go on a manicure and are always close. They both exchange gifts closer than Cindy. Beauty is also seen to be there for Snowy. In the So Random! Holiday Special, Beauty bugged Snowy when she said that "Someday my prince will come. Well, mine's coming in 10 minutes." and she wanted to know who the prince was. It was Prince Carmine, Snowy's supposedly "boyfriend."


She and Beauty are seen to be friends. But, because of Cindy and Tony-Two Face, they might be frenemies.

Prince Carmine

Prince Carmine saved Beauty. They apparently broke up. Beauty might have problems with Snowy after she finds out that Snowy's boyfriend is Prince Carmine.


  • Beauty is the princess of beauty. But, due to her characteristic, she is seen to not be the princess of beauty.

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