Gender Male
Profession Assistant
Family & Friends
Friends Chad Dylan Cooper
Production Information
First appearance "Sonny With a Chance of Dating"

Bart is Chad's assistant in the episodes, "Sonny With a Chance of Dating" and "Battle of the Network's Stars."

Job Description

He appears to be Chad's assistant in both episodes he's in. In "Sonny with a Chance of Dating", Tawni asks Chad where his "idiot friend" (Tawni was referencing James Conroy) is and Chad calls over Bart. Bart rushes over assist Chad, implying the Bart is quite loyal to Chad, though Chad does not think very highly of him and sees him as a goofball. A similar occurance happens in "Battle of the Network Stars". Chad calls for Bart as soon as Sonny starts getting out of line. Bart immediately appears and hands Chad a megaphone. Bart is also at Sonny's audition for the part of "Sonny Munroe" in Chad's movie, Chad Dylan Cooper: The Chad Dylan Cooper Story. He was working the camera for Chad.


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