Bangs and Fangs
24 bangsandfangs
Format Film Adaptation
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton
Produced by Patty Gary-Cox Pictures
Chris Phillips Films
Starring Chad Dylan Cooper
MacKenzie Falls
Executive Producer Steve Marmel
Michael Feldman
Production Company Condor Pictures

Bangs and Fangs is an American film adaptation of the Condor Studios' hit tween drama, MacKenzie Falls.


Mackenzie and his other rich school mates are bitten by vampires. Soon they begin to grow fangs and "super cool hair" (specifically, they grow longer bangs). From what Chad reveals about the plot of this episode, Nico concludes that MacKenzie Falls might potentially be written by monkeys. It is unknown if it is a big on T.V Trey Brothers steals the Bangs and Fangs.



  • This production is another parody on the Twilight franchise.
  • This is a spin off from MacKenzie Falls.
  • The idea of vampires and MacKenzie Falls was first mentioned in "Sonny with a Song". The idea is brought up again in the episode "Gassie Passes", when Chad is apparently directing something involving MacKenzie Falls and vampires, though no real connection was ever made to Bangs and Fangs.
  • This was one of the specials of MacKenzie Falls.
  • This is the second special/movie Chad starred in sense Chad's life story movie.

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