Bad Holiday Jobs
Seen in "A So Random! Holiday Special"
Starring Grady Mitchell
Tawni Hart
Nico Harris
Zora Lancaster

Bad Holiday Jobs is a sketch featured in the episode "A So Random! Holiday Special."


Grady as Danny The Dreidel and Elf #1

Tawni as Elf #2

Zora as Blonde Girl

Bad Holiday Jobs #1 - Santa's Beard Cleaners

It starts out 2 elves are cleaning Santa's Beard and they say "They ALWAYS have to clean Santa's beard, after that elf number one yells out "Candy Cane" and elf number 2 yells "Cookie" then elf number one yells out "Cookie" and elf number two yells out "Candy Cane" then elf number two yells out "Turkey leg" and elf number 1 yells out "Loose Leg" and then they both say at the same time "LOOSE LEG!!!!!"

Bad Holiday Jobs #2 - Dreidel For Hire

Danny The Dreidel comes out and says "Hello Everybody!, I'm Danny The Dreidel and which one of you delightful children would like take me for a spin?" Then The Blonde girl comes out and says "Let's spin him until he throws up!" So then they spin him.

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